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Welcome to my blog, Stop Pain FAST!  Over the past 22 years I’ve worked with thousands of people who have suffered from chronic pain and sports injuries.  In fact, the whole reason that I teach people how to self-treat is because I had several severe sports injuries and pains that came from repetitive strain injuries caused by just day-to-day living.

I knew what I would do if you came to me with these injuries, but I couldn’t find anyone to treat me the way I knew the muscles needed to be treated, so I started to figure it out on myself.  Well, if I could treat myself, then I can show you how to treat yourself.

As I’d work with athletes I realized that showing them how to self-treat would help them to not only keep their muscles released after coming in for a therapy session, but that they could help themselves during a race or a heavy training session.  It made the world of a difference for them, and it made my job easier when they came in for therapy.

This blog will be dedicated to helping people figure out which muscles to treat to get relief from repetitive strain injuries.  If you just post a very short note about where you are feeling discomfort, I’ll tell you which muscles cause pain in that area.  You can discover how to self-treat each of the muscles, but more about that in another post.

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