Pain Relief After Two Years of Therapy, Including Surgery

It was incredible to me that I finally found the solution to debilitating low back pain. I had terrible low back pain for a year and was sent to multiple rounds of physical therapy, as well as massage, and various types of stretching, to no avail. The next step was surgery on my lumbar spine!

The worst part was, when I came out of the recovery room my low back hurt just as bad as before. The doctor said it was the swelling and that when that went down that I’d be out of pain, but that’s NOT what happened!

Another year of various therapies, including multiple rounds of physical therapy, and then my hip started to hurt. I was told that the scar tissue from the first surgery had wrapped around my nerve, and I needed a second surgery to get rid of the scar tissue from the first surgery. I absolutely refused. The first surgery didn’t help, why should I believe the second surgery would make a difference.

Finding Julie Donnelly and her unique way of treating muscles was nothing short of a miracle! Julie works through clothes, so she didn’t know anything about my long history, or about the surgery (and suggested second surgery). Instead of looking at my back, Julie started working on the front of my pelvis and then my low back muscle. She explained why these muscles cause low back pain – and in short order I had 80% relief!

The next week I told her about my hip pain, and she immediately started treating my thigh. Again, she explained why this muscle would cause hip pain, and it was so logical I was surprised that all of the medical professionals I’d seen hadn’t said anything about it.

The best news was when I stood up. Not only was my hip better, but my low back was now 100% better! Julie taught me how to do some simple self-treatments and the pain never returned. The Julstro Method she teaches is so simple, yet profound, that every therapist should know how to use it to help their clients.

Leon Baldwin

New York