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About Julie Donnelly

Julie Donnelly is an internationally recognized expert specializing in the treatment of chronic low back, hip pain, and sciatica. Her expertise of the muscular component of muscle pain and how to treat the source of the problem has helped over a million people worldwide. Julie is the developer of the Julstro Method, a unique series of successful self-treatment techniques for the symptoms of repetitive strain injuries.

In 1993 Julie experienced severe, chronic pain shoulder pain that was so debilitating it nearly ended her career. She turned to traditional massage and medical treatments for relief, with no satisfactory results. Julie felt she had no alternative but to turn her own extensive knowledge of muscles. She used it along with the teachings of the groundbreaking research of Dr. Janet Travell and Dr. David Simons to find a solution. That one condition turned into a lifetime of creating self-treatments for a long list of painful conditions.

Once out of pain and back on her feet, she developed the Julstro Method of self-treatments and began teaching her clients so they could stay out of pain.

Ultimately, in 1997, Julie contracted Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that actually did shut down her practice. Unable to continue the work she loved, Julie was facing the dilemma of how to support herself. She looked at her hand/wrist pain and numbness from a different angle, and found the solution. She now shares that solution with thousands of people, both in live clinics, and via her unique products.

Julie is now a leading force in innovative muscular therapy. She is known for her extensive work with clients worldwide including professional golfers, world-class athletes and fitness trainers.

Julie is the author of over a dozen books, including The 15 Minute Back Pain Solution, Treat Yourself to Pain-Free Living, The Secret to Your Best Golf Game Ever, and the recently released The Pain-Free Athlete. She is also the author of multiple educational DVDs.

Julie has worked with renowned specialists such as Peter Lin, MD, Professor of Surgery and Endovascular Therapy at Baylor College of Medicine (retired), along with other prominent physicians. She has trained the home health care physical therapists at the Cleveland Clinic and taught the Julstro Method of Self-Treatments to students at the Julliard School of Dance in New York City.

Julie holds a Bachelors Degree in Interdisciplinary Health Education, and is a Continuing Education Provider for a number of governing boards, including the National Certification Board of Certified Massage Therapists National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) and National Court Reporters Association. Julie maintains her license in Massage Therapy in New York and Florida.

Julie teaches self-treatment clinics to sufferers from repetitive strain injuries, as well as to golfers, athletes, and various professions plagued with chronic pain due to the nature of their work. She is a frequent presenter at national and state conventions for various associations.

She has an active therapy practice, under the name of Flexible Athlete, in Sarasota, Florida.


Success Stories

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In 2011 I avoided knee surgery when I found Julie’s first book, “The Pain-Free Triathlete.” Now I’m happy to
say that I have met her again, this time in person! I’m also glad she took my suggestion to revise and re-name this book “The Pain-Free Athlete,” to reflect how she has spread her work to more than just swimming, cycling, and running. We’ve used Julie’s book as a bible to resolve injuries since 2002, and I’m so happy to be a part of her new, updated book.


—Kristy Halverson

Northport, FL

My chance for the Olympics and my running career was ended because of pain. 20 years later I had the good fortune to meet Julie and she found the source of the pain, something nobody had done over all those years. Even better, she taught me how to self-treat it so I could get back on the road again. Now I hold the World Record for 400m Sprint for my age class, and I’ve even broken my own record twice! Without Julie I’d still be on the couch, depressed. This is more than just a book, it’s a compilation of miracle solutions!

—Allen Woodard

Houston, TX

It is amazing to me that we can treat ourselves in a relatively short time and thus circumvent many small over-
use injuries that would otherwise become big chronic problems with long layoff times! The Julstro Method is easy to understand and use without expensive equipment or extensive training and it makes so much sense to
treat the causative muscle spasms rather than treating the result.

—Allen Woodard

Houston, TX

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