When I was 20 years old

When I was 20 years old, hip pain caused me to lose my chance to compete at the Olympic Games for the 400m Sprint. That ultimately led to 20 years of pain, and the inability to run at all, which was depressing to say the least. In my mind it was all over, I’d never run again. Eventually I decided I needed to run regardless of the pain because I just couldn’t function without running. I was resigned to limping and being in pain for the rest of my life. Then I met Julie and my life changed completely. In just a few minutes she located the source of the pain that had knocked me out of the Olympics. I could hardly believe it as I had been to innumerable doctors, therapists, and trainers through the years and nobody was every able to find the source of my problem. Not only did Julie find the pain, she stopped it quickly, and then she showed me how to self-treat the muscles that caused it. Incredible! I was back to training full-speed and worked my way up from the bottom to break the World Record for the 400m Sprint for my age-level. Now I’ve broken my own WR twice! And I only keep getting better. I lost my opportunity for Olympic Gold, but I’m a three-time WR breaking sprinter and that’s just tremendous! Julie comes to Houston to teach the runners I coach how to prevent injuries and release spasms that slow them down. She is making a difference to young athletes so they will never experience the lost that kept me on the couch for 20 years. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by following Julie and doing the treatments taught in this book.

Allen Woodard – World Record Holder of 400m Sprint Watch his story on YouTube: – YouTube