A Physical Therapist Successfully Thinking “Out of the Box”

It takes the insight and perseverance of a pioneer to breakthrough traditional methods of standardized treatments and Julie Donnelly B.S., LMT has done just that. Even more, she has broken the ritual of having to return to the clinic again and again by providing an easy way to learn self-help maintenance treatments.

I was amazed and impressed with Julie’s Julstro Method of Osteopathic Muscular Therapy from the moment I was introduced to the concept. It seemed complex yet so easy to implement and I wondered, “Why didn’t they teach me this in PT school?”

After taking her LOW BACK PAIN-SCIATICA-HIP PAIN course I was anxious to begin my own path to self-help. Let me tell you…my personal results have been nothing short of miraculous! Where Chiropractic, Rolfing and Massage Therapy have failed, I have received tremendous relief with just one treatment and several self-help techniques.

Additionally, my hospital recently admitted several patients with Acute/Intractable Low Back Pain that were pending surgical intervention. I evaluated one of the female patients who had severe Acute Low Back Pain. She was only in her mid- 50s yet was “walking” like a 95 year old, all hunched over and shuffling, due to severe and debilitating pain. She was ready to go under the knife to relieve her pain. I asked her permission to try the Julstro Method of Osteopathic Muscular Therapy and she said, “Yes”.

I followed Julie’s protocol of treatment and said I would return in the afternoon to educate her in the self-help maintenance techniques. Upon my return in the afternoon what I found was a totally different person “running” around the hospital room, proclaiming that this was, “the best her back had felt in years”. No more hunched over and shuffling gait AND her smile was back. She was radically transformed!

Here is yet another MIRACULOUS recovery that is solely contributed to the Julstro Method of Osteopathic Muscular Therapy. After educating her in several applicable self-help techniques she was well on her way to living a much less painful life and better able to self-manage her pain. Better yet…NO surgical intervention was needed!!!

I firmly believe that even as a well-seasoned clinician I still have room to grow for the betterment of my patients. I want to grow in the direction of teaching my patients more self-help methods and the Julstro Method of Osteopathic Muscular Therapy is spot on. You won’t be disappointed, and neither will your patients!

Stacie Lee Novak, PT
Acute Lead Physical Therapist
Fawcett Memorial Hospital
Port Charlotte, Florida