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Welcome to the Julstro Method Forum!

If you are in pain, you can post questions explaining your pain conditions – be it from sports, work or any other activities. Julie Donnelly, LMT – the developer of the Julstro Method – will respond, giving you insight into which muscles are likely causing the pain and how you can self-treat to ease the tension.

Julie is an internationally recognized expert in chronic pain relief and self-treatment and has empowered thousands of people to live pain-free. Learn how the Julstro Method and the self-treatment products Julie has created can help change your life. Please leave your first name when commenting, and, be polite and non-judgmental in your questions and comments. Be empowered to live pain-free!

ARCHIVE: The Julstro Forum has a rich archive of past questions and advice for pain sufferers. There was such a wealth of information that we have made this original forum an Archive, so you can search it for answers.  The search bar is the long oblong light gray space directly under this message.


1 – Pick either the Hand/Wrist Pain or Muscle/Joint Pain heading.  Post in whichever one fits your situation.

2 – Post your question in the section “Create New Topic in….”

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      Muscle & joint pain question & answers. Find out the causes of your aches and pains!
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      Questions and answers related to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, wrist pain & hand pain.
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      Patrick White

    • Wrist Pain After a Fractured Bone and What You Can Do About It
      Wrist pain caused by a fractured bone was the subject of a question that was posted on an online repetitive strain injury forum that I moderate. It’s an important message, not only for wrist pain after a fractured bone, but as you’ll see in my response, it relates to how a fractured bone will affect any joint in the body.
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