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I was talking to a friend and she mentioned that she eats really healthy so she didn’t think she needed to take a daily multivitamin. Then we got to discussing the chemicals that are used in growing food, words that are too long to pronounce and definitely too hard to remember, which led us to talking about organic farming.

This is the way our grandparents ate, strictly organic since all the chemicals didn’t even exist in the early 1900’s, but for us to eat pure organic foods right now would cost a fortune, and even if we have the money the variety of foods aren’t available in most of the United States.

Our bodies are absolutely amazing and have the ability to convert just about any foods into the nutrients we need so I don’t think there is reason for panic, yet why add more chemicals for the body to deal with than necessary. Also, by adding a quality organic food supplement, such as Vita-Lea we can be assured that regardless of what we are eating, our body is getting the high quality nutrients necessary to keep our cells healthy.

There are a lot of scare tactics being used to alter our shopping habits, and while the old saying “where there’s smoke there’s fire” certainly fits here, I don’t think it’s wise to totally ignore the impact that adulterating foods has had on our health. I really believe if we give our body a fighting chance, we have the ability to eliminate toxins from our cells and stay healthy.

Most people have heard of Shaklee, and if you haven’t it’s worthwhile looking into if you want to keep you and your family at peak performance. You may, or may not, decide to eat differently but I strongly suggest you consider supplementing your diet with the nutrients that your body needs to stay strong.

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