Meat Protein, Cow’s Milk, Cancer, Heart Disease, and More


We’ve all heard that the health of Americans is one of the worst in the world even though the money spent on our medical care is much higher per person than the majority of countries in the world. If you’re like me, you hear it and then pretty much ignore it. I did get more involved and interested after I started to learn about Shaklee, but other than taking my Shaklee supplements, I hadn’t really incorporated it into my lifestyle.

That is, until this week. While looking for something else I found a YouTube presentation that really made me take notice of diet, especially animal protein, including milk. The video, named The China Study Lecture is a lecture given by a serious research scientist, T. Colin Campbell PhD and the work he did with other researchers on a project called The China Study. This video is pure science put into words that are for the layperson, like me and maybe like you. If you are a scientist you’ll get all the details that went over my head, but there was more than enough said that I’m not playing with giving up meat and milk anymore, now I’m serious.

Dr. Campbell’s primary study was showing the relationship between animal protein and cancer, and other diseases came along after the research was done and the results were analyzed. Dr. Campbell spoke about Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., MD, and his research that proved that a plant-based diet will not only prevent heart disease, but will actually reverse the life-threatening condition.

Dr. Campbell said that supplements can’t cure disease, and Shaklee is the first to agree with him. The problem seems to be that people think they can eat anything and then take a magic-bullet, including Shaklee’s nutritional supplements, and that the supplements will off-set the poor diet. I guess in a way I fit into that description because I made some very minor changes to my diet, but I felt so safe because I was taking my supplements that I didn’t think I needed to make any major changes. That’s not possible, first the diet needs to be addressed, but the methods of growing fruits and vegetables in the USA is less than optimal. Shaklee supplements simply enhance a diet that isn’t receiving sufficient nutrients from the foods being consumed.

As I watched this video, and then read about both of the doctor’s and their work, it made me respect Dr. Shaklee even more than before. Dr. Shaklee was promoting a cold-processed vegetarian nutritional product even before the word “vitamin” was in the dictionary. Pretty amazing considering that none of this research was done until many years later.

Another medical doctor who did research on nutrition and cancer is Max Gersen, MD. If you are interested in ground-breaking research that linked meat protein to cancer, and proved that it could be cured with a change in diet, do an internet search, there’s so much that you’ll be amazed. You’ll especially be amazed when you realize that Dr. Gersen’s research was done in the 1920’s and early 1930’s.

If you are ready to hear serious information about health, diet, cancer, heart disease, and other conditions, I offer you the links so you can do your own research on the topics.

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