Lactic acid – the understanding has changed

When I went to school back in 1988, we were taught that repetitive movements caused  a build-up of lactic acid, and that the lactic acid would then cause the muscles to go into a spasm.  It was explained that when we did our massage therapy we were forcing out excess lactic acid, bringing blood into the area, and the excess lactic acid would go into your lymphatic system and eventually flush out of your body.

Well, that was then and this is now.  Now it is understood that excess lactic acid disappears immediately, without doing any negative impact on the muscles. The experts don’t really have a clear idea of what is being flushed out of the muscles other than to say that deep muscle therapy squeezes the muscles just like squeezing a wet sponge will force out  water, leaving it free to absorb more water.  It was demonstrated to me that this will increase blood flow and heal bruised muscles.

I don’t know the full answer yet, but I’m on a quest to get (and understand) the whole thing.  Mike Young, PhD (an awesome trainer with excellent credentials such as a PhD in biomechanics with a minor in physiology) is working with me to teach me the details.

This is going to alter everything I’ve been taught for the past 23 years!  And I’m excited to learn it.

I can’t give you any more information right now, but as soon as I can, I will.  Meanwhile, 23 years has shown me that no matter what is moving out of the muscle, or where it’s going, deep muscle treatments work!  I don’t slide on the muscle, to me that feels just like rug-burn (ouch!) but instead I apply steady, deep, constant pressure until I feel the muscle fibers release.  I have my own theories, but they aren’t based on science, just on clinical experience.  But more of that another time.

Meanwhile, I wanted to start to undo years of inaccurate explanations as to why my treatments work.

If you’re finding that you’ll be in the Chapel Hill, NC area some time, I hope you’ll contact me and come in for a Julstro Muscular Therapy session.

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