Hip pain while driving

I had to rent a car to drive from Chapel Hill, NC to New York yesterday.  The only car available was a Chevy Cobalt and there were two problems: the seat didn’t go far enough back for the length of my legs, and there wasn’t cruise control so I was constantly pushing on the gas pedal.  It’s an 11 hour drive and by seven hours into the trip I felt like my right leg and hip was going to explode from the pain caused by the repetitive motion.

Right now I have everything from low back pain, to sciatica, hamstring pain, shinsplints, calf pain, and just about every ache and pain imaginable along my entire right side.  Ugh!

Fortunately I know how to self-treat the muscles so I was rubbing on my thigh, and each time I stopped for gas I’d work on my hip muscles (the car became my wall).  I did my best to work on the muscles of my lower leg, but it sure isn’t convenient when your driving while treating!

After I got here to NY I went to Honda and bought a new car to replace my wonderful Honda Accord that was destroyed in the accident on Wednesday.  The new one, a Honda Civic Hybrid, is roomy, has lots of leg room, and (thank heaven!!) cruise control. 

Today I’m spending some time, while watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade, to working on my hips and legs to release the spasms.  I sometimes wonder how people can stand not knowing how to self-treat when they are in pain?!?

Have a Happy Thanksgiving,



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