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I keep telling people that they don’t need to be in pain, and some people believe me and begin to do the Julstro self-treatments. However, other people just don’t believe that there is any hope because their doctor/PT/massage therapist (or other professional) has told them there isn’t anything that can be done.

As a result I decided to post this email I received, even though it means I’m posting a testimonial two days in a row. I sure hope it will give someone the determination to continue to look for an answer to their pain.

Here is an email that I received from a man named Jay:

At age 75 I didn’t think I’d ever relieve the pain in my glutes, hamstrings, extending into the calfs. I purchased Pain –Free Runner and began the floor exercise for the Iliopsoas. The first few days were painful and I could only do one or two reps. By week four I was doing 10 reps and arching higher, and all pain was gone. I reduced heavy doses of Ibuprofen (up to 2 grams/day) or Tylenol (up 4 gms/day) to nothing at the end of four weeks. Your guarantee that most medical doctors don’t recognize the psoas as the cause of the pain is true. My didn’t, nor did two of my doctor golfing friends. Today I do 10 reps of the floor exercise each morning just as a precaution. Thanks for being there.

I found his message while searching for something else, and since Jay posted this message I’ve written an eBook titled Pain Free Golf that he(and you) may enjoy.

In any case, posting testimonials won’t be a habit, but I did think it was important this time.

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