Hep C and Yoga

Are you or someone you know suffering from a medical condition such as hepatitis C, cancer, or any other condition that is requiring serious drug interaction? If you do, this is a very important message to read through, and pass along.

I have been blessed with a friend who started out as a telephone consultation client and quickly became my partner in a new product called TriggerPoint Yoga. It all began when Ana, a yoga teacher in San Marcos, Texas, had deep pain in her calves that she wasn’t able to relieve with yoga. She was so accustomed to being able to use yoga for pain relief that this one just stumped her. She did some internet investigation and found my website. After reading it, it made sense to her and she signed up for a telephone consultation.
When a person has a telephone consultation it involves sending me an email detailing the problem, and then I answer with my thoughts about which muscle needs to be treated. If the person has my book, Treat Yourself to Pain Free Living, they can start to do the treatments immediately. In Ana’s case she decided to buy the ebook so she could print it off and have it instantly rather than ordering it and having to wait for it to arrive. She did the treatments I recommended and by the time we actually spoke on the phone she was completely out of pain.

So Ana and I just started to talk and I found out she is a yoga teacher. She told me that she started to do the Julstro self-treatments to other areas of her body and she saw that her yoga postures improved tremendously. Then she brought the book in to her class and showed some of her students how to do self-treatments on the areas where they were stiff, and they each improved.
As we spoke on the phone I told Ana that I’ve always wanted to work with a yoga teacher because so many people were causing injuries by doing yoga postures that were pulling on very tight muscles. Chat…chat…chat…, next thing I knew we were designing the best methods for teaching people how to self-treat before doing yoga, and TriggerPoint Yoga was born. That was 18 months ago and it’s almost ready to be brought to the world, but in the meanwhile Ana had to face a serious medical condition that she has been nursing for many years.

Ana has hepatitis C, and while she ate a very healthy diet, exercised, and meditated, the disease didn’t disappear, it just slowed down its progress. She did all the things that have made her look and feel like a strong and healthy individual, but her body was inching its way toward major future problems. In typical Ana-fashion, she took the bull by the horns and decided it was time to use the new medical protocols that will cure this disease. Then, again in typical unselfish Ana-fashion, she decided to bring her awareness of yoga and serious disease together and she created TriggerPoint Yoga for HepC, a program that is so important that I can’t possibly give it justice here in this blog. It’s not only for Hep C patients, but for anyone who is undergoing strong medical treatments for any of a long list of conditions.

Ana is an amazing woman, probably one of the most generous and caring individuals I’ve ever met, and she decided that she was going to dedicate herself to helping others as she is going through her treatment program.

I’m proud to share her website: with you, and I hope you will send it off to anyone you know who is also going through intensive medical treatments. It’s also wonderful for any of us who may not be in great shape and want to begin a regime of healthy eating, yoga, meditation, and support. I’m going to become a regular “student” of Ana’s via her YouTube videos. Take a look at them and I think you’ll come to love and respect Ana as much as I do!

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