Broken Ankle and Helping Myself

Today I was so grateful that I know how to do self-treatments!  On Thursday the doctor finally did the surgery to fix my broken ankle and now I’m two plates and many screws heavier…I guess I’ll be setting off alarms at the airport.  It hurts although not as bad as when I first broke the bones.

From using a walker, and putting all of my pressure on my right leg and hip, my hip was in a lot of pain, and my right hamstrings are so tight that they feel like a taut rope with no give at all.    Thank heaven I could take the Perfect Ball, and while using a book as a firm point of pressure, I worked on the top of my gluteus maximus, right along the line of my posterior pelvis.  It had been throbbing after the plane ride this morning and now it feels just fine.

It’s also pretty nice how kind people are when they see someone in a wheelchair, or hobbling around on a walker.  I’m continually grateful for so many things, not the least of which is someone holding a door when they see me coming.  There are a lot of things I’m noticing now that I never paid attention to before, like high curbs and narrow walkways in stores. I’ve also seen that some places that are supposed to  be handicapped accessible (like the Sheraton  hotel room I was in the past three nights) were designed by someone who has never been in a wheelchair — looks good but it’s not functional.

Oh well, moving right along.

Have a great weekend,



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