A Pain Free Athlete Clinic in Melbourne, FL?

Today I was sitting on the sofa, with my leg up (“nose to toes” level, according to my doctor) and I received such a nice phone call.

A woman who had previously bought my Pain Free Living ebook and healed several nagging issues called to tell me she lost her ebook when her computer crashed and I called her back and left a message.  Then she called me to say she just bought a new copy  because she was desperate to work on a nagging calf pain she is experiencing.

I told her I”d be sending her a new activation code for the lost one but she decided that she wants a copy of the book in each of her computers since the information is too important to possibly lose again.  How wonderful it is to hear that my work is really helping people I haven’t even met.  We spoke about the possibility of my coming to Melbourne, FL to teach a Pain Free Athlete clinic this February, and then she sent me this message that I want to share with you:

Thanks again for taking the time to call me back personally. You are the ONLY person who seems to be able to confidently and quickly get to the root of these tricky issues and I am only sorry that I got lazy and stupidly quit following your protocol after my original high hamstring/ischial tuberosity region problems finally abated!

It’s fulfilling to me when I receive messages like that, it shows that my work is benefiting people and that is fantastic! If you haven’t learned how t self-treat  yet, I hope you will look into it, and if you already have one of my books or DVDs, then I hope you will share the information with your friends.

Have a great day,



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