Back Pain and Posture


Everyday I walk around town and I’m looking at people, thinking about their posture and what muscles are pulling them that way. People are bent forward, their heads are often way out in front of their body, and their shoulders are lopsided. So much pain, and so unnecessary! All it takes is a bit of knowledge and a mentor to lead the way. I’m so grateful to say, I have that mentor, and I’m happy to share her with you!

I’ve been talking about Ana Johnson and how we have been working together to help people move easier and without pain. Ana has been doing some videos to teach how to do Mountain Pose properly. That was really helpful, but just recently she came to an awareness that changed her entire way of teaching. The change made a lot of sense to me so I began to do it her way, and it works!

The best part is that I’ve been teaching it to my clients, and today I had a client come in who was suffering from low back pain. I treated all of the usual muscles that cause low back pain, and I taught the Julstro Method self-treatments for each muscle, and then I added in Ana’s new information.

It was wonderful to watch as my client immediately was able to do a proper Mountain Pose and her posture improved radically. If you follow the “it works” link you’ll come to a wonderful, short video that Ana posted teaching the new method.

I highly recommend it. Your posture is a key factor to low back pain, and to shoulder pain, headaches, and a lot more.

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