Sore Muscles After Exercising

Yesterday I decided that I needed to get back to a regular exercise routine again, good decision, right?  Yes it is, but there is a minor problem – I haven’t really exercised in a very long time so my muscles are mush!  Which means….today I am really, really sore. BUT I HAVE A SOLUTION!

Before we start I need to say, if you haven’t been exercising for years, you need to start s-l-o-w-l-y!  I’m writing a new book right now titled The 15 Minute Back Pain Solution and it has an excellent chapter that was written by two highly-qualified fitness trainers. The chapter was written for beginners so I decided I would do the suggested 3X a week for 4 weeks program. When I finished I realized that I’m a “pre-beginner,” so I’m going to add a note to the beginning of the chapter for people who are in my situation.

After I finished doing 2/3’s of the first days exercises my legs felt like they had rubber bands instead of bones attaching my hips to my feet.  It was pretty funny actually, although just going down off the curb was a challenge (YIPES!).  This morning when I woke up, my legs decided they weren’t going to work without first screaming at me. I’m trying out a new pain relief analgesic that I hope to be adding to my shopping cart, so I used it today and I’m happy to say, it worked!  More on that as I re-build my website and add new products that I’ve found.

Meanwhile, I just got finished taking new self-treatment pictures for the new book and since this is a part of my current problem, and it’s one piece of what I did to help my legs function again, I wanted to share this treatment with you.

To release the knots on the inside of your thigh, in your quadriceps and adductor muscles, sit as shown in the picture and use either a tennis ball or the Julstro Perfect Ball. Start at the very top of your thigh and apply pressure with the heel of your hand on top of the ball.  Slowly push the ball so it rolls down the inside of your thigh.  You’re going to find several tender points – especially if you have been doing “squats,” like I did yesterday.

Stay on the sore trigger point and maintain the pressure for about 30-60 seconds before rolling down to the next point.  Do this along the entire inside of your leg.  You may like to end your self-treatment session by putting some arnica gel on your muscles, it will help to relieve the pain.

The exercise chapter is a Monday, Wednesday, Friday program, so tomorrow I’m off to do planks and something called a Romanian Deadlift (???).  That sounded scary, so I decided to look for it on YouTube.  It’s not bad at all. The other two exercises are the Recline Row and Dumbell Shoulder Press, which don’t sound too bad.

I’ll let you know how that turned out, and probably write a blog on how to release tight shoulders – I have a feeling I’m going to need it!

Wishing you well,



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