Focusing on The Back


I’ve been working with people who are suffering from chronic pain for almost 25 years, and in October I had an awakening that is making all the difference about the number of people I can help. As you know, I wrote a book titled Treat Yourself to Pain-Free Living, which shows you how to treat muscle spasms all over your body. Well, that book is going to be discontinued in about a month because of the advice I received in October.

Bruce Turkel is a fantastic Branding/Marketing expert who sat with me for several hours back in October. We discussed my business and how I only want to help people, but I kept running into brick walls. He explained the difference between “cooking and baking” at that time, and I came to realize that I needed to stop focusing on every ache and pain that people experience. Bruce showed me the logic of focusing on just one area of pain, and after more discussion that area will be back pain.

As Bruce explained, if I focus my entire business on back pain, the odds are I’ll still be reaching almost everyone in the USA (and beyond) since 80% of all Americans have had back pain at some point in their life, and 20% have chronic, debilitating back pain. It was a bit of a frustration, especially since the way I met Bruce was because of pain he was experiencing in his hip and foot – NOT his back! Then Bruce explained that when people see that I understand the back and all the muscles that can cause back pain, they will simply ask me about other areas where they are feeling discomfort. And, I came to realize as I was writing my new book (working title: The 15 Minute Back Pain Solution), I’m still including the treatments for the vast majority of the body! Back pain comes from your neck all the way to your feet, so about the only thing not included were a few neck muscles (very few) and all of the muscles of the arms.

What felt okay about that exclusion is these muscles are taught in the Julstro System for Hand/Wrist Pain & Numbness. As Bruce said, I’m focusing on the back, but I don’t have to ignore everyone else, I just have to stop marketing to everyone – it’s not a good business practice.

With that said, if you’ve been thinking about getting Treat Yourself to Pain-Free Living I suggest you order it now, while I still have some available.

Also, the link to cooking and baking will bring you to Bruce’s blog, which is easy-to-read and very helpful at putting everyone in your business into the “right seats on the bus.”

2014 is going to be a wonderful year – lots of new ideas, moving to Florida, making new friends, and continuing to help people around the world release the aches and pains that keep them from enjoying their life.

I wish you a fantastic 2014, may all your goals and dreams come true!



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