Cyclist with hip and knee pains

I’ve had several cyclists posting on my forum lately, and the theme seems to be a lot of knee and hip pains.

If you’ve already read the thread I put into my forum about the iliopsoas, quadratus lumborum, and quadriceps muscles, you’ll understand how cycling can cause a long list of aches and pains.

However, one of the messages I worked on yesterday had me thinking about a meeting I had with an expert bike-fit professional named Greg Combs. Greg was showing me how a person’s hips and legs will adjust because his/her seat and pedals aren’t proper for the length of his/her legs. Also, when the handlebars are too close, or too far they also through off the entire body.

We worked with one of his bike-fit clients and he adjusted the bike properly while I released the tension in the tight muscles. It was amazing to see the difference that was filmed before the two of us worked, and after we were both finished. His legs were moving smoothly and evenly, without straining his knees or ankles.

That session really showed me how important it is for serious athletes (ultracyclists in this case) to look at their equipment, and to also treat the muscles after every major ride.

Greg is amazing, and if I can help it, we’ll be working together more in the future. If you live anywhere near Southern Pines, NC, and if you are a cyclist, I recommend him highly.

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