Exercise – Beginner or “Ultra”

Well, as I admitted in my message that talked about Pilates, I’m a beginner. In fact, I’ve been a “faux athlete” for many years. I was always blessed with a strong looking body (note the keyword “looking”) and I really hate to sweat, so exercise and I haven’t always been friends. Until, that is, I got a bit older and started to see myself looking not so strong, and also gaining weight. Enter Pilates, and now today, weight training! I’m so determined to lose the 35 pounds I gained while driving 14,000 over the last four months! (that’s actually a stomp of my foot, with a loud emphasis on the word “determined”)

I’ve been working with serious athletes for over 20 years, and I admire them immensely. I’ll never be an ultra-athlete or a bodybuilder, but I’ve found an amazing coach that I want to bring to your attention.

Dave Draper actually found me. He found an article I wrote and put it onto his blog. That led me to finding Dave’s website, and now I’m going to join his online site and see what he can suggest to help this marshmallow turn into “abs of steel!” (I have a feeling it will involve sweating…but as I said, I’m determined so I’ll turn up the air conditioning).

His website is pretty awesome so I recommend it highly. One thing to remember, to prevent repetitive strain injuries, after you exercise it is vital that you flush out the excess lactic acid so blood can flow into the muscles and heal any micro-tears that occurred during your workout.

Sports injuries aren’t fun and they can stop you in your tracks. To prevent them I strongly suggest that you add self-treatment as a part of your routine, it won’t take you that long to do and the results are amazing. You’ll be stronger, and you’ll also move easily, with better flexibility and range-of-motion.

Hope to meet you at the gym!

Wishing you well,


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