Are you approaching 50 or 60 years old? Or maybe you’re at the leading edge of the Baby Boomer generation and you’re turning 65…and aches and pains are starting to slow you down. This is “Baby Boomer-itis, and… It doesn’t have to happen!

Through the years, as a whole, our generation has been the most active of any previous generations. And, we aren’t stopping just because we have reached that term “Senior Citizen.” Even as Seniors, we bike, exercise, swim, sail, hike, fly planes, scuba dive, travel, and do a million other activities that in generations past would have been long forgotten at this age (if they had even started any of them in the first place).

However, aches and pains can slow you down, especially if you weren’t a fan of going for a regular massage through the years. Remember, your muscles originate on one bone, cross over a joint, and insert into another bone. When your muscle contracts, your joint bends and you move. However, if your muscles are tight, if they aren’t flexible, they are putting a strain on your joint and you just can’t move, it’s a simple as that!

The wonderful part of this is the tension can be released, even if your joint has been held tightly for years. If you go for massages on a regular basis; if you self-treat your muscles properly and release the lactic acid buildup which will then bring blood into your muscle and allow it to stretch normally; and if you follow the muscle treatments with gentle stretching, you’ll be just fine.

I’ve worked with thousands of people all over the world who have either come into my officecome to a Pain Free Living clinic that I teach, or people who have used my books & DVDs to learn how to self-treat their muscles to eliminate pain. I’ve seen amazing relief happen by just untying the knots that keep their joints bound, and I am certain that you can also keep your body flexible and pain free.

Get a massage, massage your own muscles, stretch, and then go out and enjoy your life!

Wishing you well,


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