Yoga, Over-Stretching, Joint Pain, and Muscles

Yoga can sometimes cause muscles to tear as the fibers are being overstretched. I’ve had that happen to me, and I’ve worked with clients who stopped doing Yoga because they experienced pain after their Yoga class.

I’m so excited! I don’t think I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been working with an incredible Yoga teacher, named Ana, who lives in San Marcos, Texas. Ana had been experiencing chronic calf pain that she wasn’t able to stretch out by using Yoga. She found me online and hired me to do a telephone consultation, part of which includes getting a copy of Treat Yourself to Pain-Free Living and an introductory email she sent to me to describe the problem. I emailed her back and told her which treatments to do prior to our telephone conversation.

Ana did the recommended treatments and very quickly eliminated her calf spasms, and then she moved on to do the treatments for her hips, and then her shoulders. She found that each time she improved her Yoga postures. She then started to teach the self-treatments to her students, and they all improved their postures too. She was thrilled to tell me all of this when we finally got to speak, and I was thrilled too. I told Ana that I’d always wanted to work with a Yoga teacher because I’d seen how stretching when a person has spasms can cause the muscles to tear. The next thing I knew — we were in business!

First we hired a professional videographer to film me teaching her husband, Scott, how to do each of the self-treatments that are taught in Treat Yourself to Pain-Free Living. Then Ana proceeded to write the scripts for two upper body, and two lower body, Yoga sessions. Each session begins with 15 minutes of doing the Julstro self-treatments on the muscles that will be stretched during that session, and then 30 minutes of Yoga. Then Ana and a second person did the Yoga sessions with the voice-over directing each session.

Ana found a fantastic guitarist for the music, and also has imbedded lovely scenic photos to fill the times when you are holding the stretch. It’s so beautiful! The only thing left to do is improve the website, and get the graphic artists ideas for the box design. It should be ready in January.

If you enjoy Yoga, or if you’ve wanted to do Yoga but were concerned about straining the tight muscles, this is a perfect Yoga program. As soon as it’s completed I’ll be telling the world about it. Meanwhile, if you would like to know when it’s ready, please send me an email through the “contact us” portion of this blog and I’ll get back to you as soon as I have more details.

Have a Happy Week!


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