Staying Fit During the Holidays!


It’s a pretty busy time of year for everyone, and I’ve added to my rush by planning to move to Florida on January 7th! I’m really excited, I’ll be in the Sarasota/Ft.Myers area. All of the packing, moving, putting things into storage, and normal Christmas projects (shopping and wrapping) are sure reminding me how important it is to learn how to self-treat. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t know how to use a ball to release the tension in my shoulders, hips and low back.

One suggestion, if you are doing a lot of lifting and carrying now, remember to release the tension in all of the muscles that surround your shoulder joint, and it’s a good time to do the Julstro Protocol to prevent the muscles of your pelvis from tightening up.

It’s definitely worthwhile to know how to self-treat if being healthy is one of your goals for 2013!

A friend sent me an email today with two excellent questions to ponder:

1 – What are 5 unproductive habits that you are willing to let go?

2 – What 5 productive, successful habits will you begin to practice?

I wanted to share these questions because you can change them to fit just about anything you want to improve upon in 2013. For example, by just changing the words “unproductive” and “productive” to read “unhealthy” and “healthy,” etc, you can really start to think about the kind of life you want to create.

I’m off to NY tomorrow to celebrate Christmas with my family. I hope you’ll be able to be with your family and loved-ones during the holidays, in spirit if not in person.

Wishing you the very best for a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season,


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