Thumb Pain and Repetitive Strain Injuries

I had a wonderful thing happen this Saturday. A friend of my son-in-law had been having horrible wrist pain and had gone for carpal tunnel release surgery several months ago. I wish we had met earlier, but we didn’t.  After the CT surgery his thumb began to move in toward his palm and his pinky finger was curling and wouldn’t open fully. It had gotten so bad that he couldn’t tie his shoes or do a push-up while at the gym. He’s a carpenter so this problem was also having a negative affect on his job, which is a major factor in him wanting to get better asap.  He was scheduled for surgery this Wednesday – not a happy thought for him, but he had to get his life back again and this was the only solution he told was available.

At first he wouldn’t believe Rob when he was told that the odds were really good that treating the muscles could make a significant difference.  In fact it took a lot of talking before he was willing to come in to the office and see me, but Rob insisted so he finally made the appointment for Saturday.

Just touching the area of his thumb was enough to make him flinch and push my hand away, and when I lightly touched his forearm, close to his elbow, he yanked away so fast I thought he would flip over backward.  I told him that this is exactly what is causing his problem, the muscles were so filled with toxins that they were “burning” the muscle fibers and also causing the fibers to shorten into spasms (knots).  He wasn’t going for it at first, but I took his hand and started slowly to work on his thumb muscle. As I found different spasms I handed him the TotalTX tool which is a part of the Julstro System and I showed him how to find each point and press onto it.

After about 10 minutes of this he was thrilled to find that he could tie his shoelaces, in fact he untied and tied them several times because he couldn’t believe that it happened so fast.  That inspired him to really search for spasms…and there were a LOT of them!  One by one he’d find them and by just holding pressure on each one it would release, and he’d notice the relief immediately.

Then we moved up to his forearm, close to his elbow.  I was explaining to him why these muscles, the flexors and extensors, will tighten from repetitive strain injuries and pull on his fingertips.  It was the flexor muscles that were so tight that his fingers were curling in toward his palm and would “click” if he could eventually get them to release.  It was amazing how many spasms he found, but by this time he was really getting good at finding and releasing each spasm.  The best part was his thumb was almost flat and his pinky was moving normally again.  Now he was hooked into self-treatment and just kept looking for other sore points to treat.

He was surprised when I showed him a chest muscle, called the pectoralis minor, that shot pain to his hand as soon as he pressed on it.  After getting his breath back he went to work on it and in no time at all it wasn’t hurting, and the area around his thumb felt better and better.

So, surgery was cancelled and he’s now telling his co-workers who are suffering from the same problem about the Julstro System.

Finally, he mentioned that his low back has been hurting for years. Again using the TotalTX tool I showed him the point on his thigh that is pulling down on his pelvis, and making his low back hurt. He was shocked to find the one point was really painful, yet when he moved just 2″ to either side of it there wasn’t any pain at all.  I’ve spoken a lot about the muscles that cause low back pain so I won’t go into the details, but he worked on the spasm in each leg and started to get relief in his low back.

It’s terrible that people live in pain, or take medications that can have some serious potential side-effects, when just a little bit of focused energy spent working on the right areas can eliminate the problem quickly and safely.

He made my day on Saturday, and he made it again today when he sent me a text to say that he is thrilled with the relief he’s gotten in just two days.  He’s telling lots of people and as far as I’m concerned, that ‘s the best advertising.

I hope you’ll tell people too, together we can make a change in the world, one person at a time!  🙂

Wishing you well,



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