Stopping Financial Pain


The name of this blog is Pain-Free Living, and most of the time it’s dedicated to stopping physical pain caused by tight muscles. Occasionally there is some nutritional advice because we become what we eat, so I think that’s also important. But today I want to share something equally as important…


For the past two weeks, every morning and then every evening, I’ve been watching one of many YouTube videos done by Bob Proctor.  My life has changed radically in just two weeks!  Today I found a really short and very basic video that explains why so many of us aren’t living the life of our dreams. The first one I found, that I’ve been watching every day (as Bob recommends) is a 30 minute clip that I credit for the beginning of the change, and that is from a longer,  three-part full seminar called You Were Born Rich

.As Bob says, “you can design your life,” so if your life is exactly the way you want it to be right now, I suggest you take a look to see if this could help you move forward.

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