Release Foot Tension – Stretch Your Hamstrings


I’ve finally made it to San Marcos, TX and I’m working with Ana on future plans for TriggerPoint Yoga.  I love it when I’m here, there’s so much sharing of new self-treatments and blending Julstro with Yoga – always with an eye toward helping as many people as possible.

I want to share some TriggerPoint Yoga magic… so to speak.  Ana did a wonderful YouTube video demonstrating how to use the Perfect Ball to release the tension in the muscles of your arch, which then releases tight hamstrings.  If you have tight hamstrings, I encourage you to add this simple self-treatment the the Julstro Protocol.


Ana is amazing and continually brings new pain-relief techniques to her students and to the readers of TriggerPoint Yoga, so I’ll let Ana speak from here….

“This short, five minute self-massage will release your tight hamstrings. Yet, what makes this so amazing is that we will not be doing the treatment anywhere near your hamstring muscles. In fact, this has the capacity to release tension throughout your entire body.

How does this work??? Muscles are part of the bodies  network of connective tissue…but more on that another time.

Without a doubt, you will experience the effects of  how releasing tension in one area of your body can have a profound effect on another area. You may never feel the same about the distance between your feet and your head again. This short video will help you understand that the pain and tension occurring in your lower back, for example, may not be related to your lower back.

If you struggle with tight hamstrings, this five-minute TriggerPoint Yoga Rescue Remedy might lead you to say, “WOW….I get it now!”

So grab your TriggerPoint Yoga ball, or a tennis ball, and click here to get started….”

Thanks a lot Ana, I’m sure this easy self-treatment is going to help a lot of people!

Wishing you well,



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