Self-treating to Prevent or Stop Muscle Pain


You may already be aware that I teach people how to self-treat the muscles that cause chronic pain and/or sports injuries. Through the years I’ve taught many clinics that I call Pain-Free Living or Pain-Free Athlete depending on the group of people who are coming. In truth, they are very much the same with the exception that the athlete clinics may focus more on specific sports and the injuries that are common for that sport.

I’ve decided that I’m focusing the remainder of my career on teaching and speaking. To that end I’ve put together a self-treatment clinic in Cary, NC, on June 30th from 2-6PM. I’m calling it The Pain-Free Athlete because it’s being held at Athletic Lab, a training facility for serious athletes. The address is 1823 NW Maynard, Cary, NC 27513. The price is $40 and fitness trainers who need CE credits from NASM and NSCA will qualify for .4 credits.

However, the clinic isn’t just for athletes, so if you are in the area, please feel free to join us. I guarantee you will learn how to easily release muscle spasms that are causing a long list of aches and pains.

If you aren’t in the Cary, NC area, and if you know someone, please tell them about the clinic. And, if you would like to work with me to bring a clinic to your area, please just contact me and we will work it out.

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