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Hi Everyone,

It’s wonderful to know that so many people are reading my blog and that you are getting benefit out of the various posts.  In order to continue I need to ask your assistance.

First of all, if you have a topic you’d like discussed (a hip pain, headaches, etc.) please let me know and I’ll be happy to oblige.

Second, I do this for free and I have several forums that I moderate for free.  Unfortunately, like everyone else I need to earn money to pay my bills. If you want to post a message that is asking details of your situation and how to treat it, I need to ask you to either post it on my forum (which is still free right now) or to go to the shopping cart and order a private email or telephone consultation.

I’ve been getting a lot of long, detailed, questions that end up taking me a half-hour to an hour to properly answer. I need to be able to work and can’t take this much time away for free.  If it is put on the forum I do it when I have the time, even if it’s several days later.

I’m sure you can understand my situation, I really want to help and I’m doing my best to keep the forum free, and I’m also doing my best to pay the rent 🙂

I appreciate your help.

Have a great day,



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