Olympic Athletes, Nutrition, and Us

Do you know what Olympic Gold Medalists Billy Demong, Andrew Weibrecht, and Jeret “Speedy” Peterson, Jennifer Rodriguea, Adam Moore, Zach Krych, Eli Bremer, Sandra Gal, and the USA Space Shuttle astronauts all have in common?  They all have had their sports nutritional programs planned and supplemented by Shaklee, the #1 nutritional company in the United States.

In fact, Shaklee has been the nutritional consultants for the USA Olympic Ski Team  and other Olympic athletes since 1960, winning a total of 59 Gold, 30 Silver, and 15 Bronze medals. Shaklee was also the nutritional consultants for 7 of Time Life Magazine’s compilation of the 25 Greatest Adventures of All Times. That’s pretty impressive! Will Steger, an arctic explorer since 1986 has had all of his expeditions fueled by Shaklee, and he’s preparing for yet another trip to the arctic circle.

This weekend I had the good fortune to go to a meeting that was held here in Chapel Hill, NC. The guest speaker was Les Wong, VP of Health Sciences for Shaklee Corporation.  I only wish I could write faster so I could give you even a small part of the incredible nutritional information he was sharing with us.

The awesome athletes mentioned above, and many more, use Shaklee Physique and Performance to replenish their missing nutrients and rebuild their muscles.

Amazing information about preventing the top three killers of millions of people: diabetes (90% preventable), heart disease (80% preventable), and cancer (60% preventable). Each of these diseases are preventable by changing your dietary habits.

Did you know that in the USA, 2 out of 3 people are overweight! That’s pretty horrifying.  I only drink water, seltzer, and natural fruit juice, so I was shocked when I heard that 21% of calories (for most people) come from sweetened soda’s and drinks, and that 25% of calories are coming from sweets (high fructose corn syrup is in just about everything!).

I think most of us know that in the USA we are a “treat the symptoms, not the cause” country, certainly insurance companies and drug companies don’t promote prevention even though it would save millions of lives and prevent the suffering that is almost commonplace in our country.

I remember the old adage, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” that my mother said over and over when I was young.  When we go to the doctor we aren’t advised how to prevent diseases, we are just given drugs to hide the symptoms. A doctor friend of mine told me that in medical school he wasn’t even taught a 3-credit class on nutrition and anything he knows now is because he decided to read about it on his own. Doctors aren’t good nutritional consultants unless they independently decided to focus their attention on nutrition.

Shaklee has over 100 published articles in peer-reviewed medical journals such as the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM), Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics (JAAP), and the International Journal of Food Sciences (IJFS).  That tells me a lot about Shaklee, in fact, Les told us that Shaklee does over 80,000 tests on each of its products every year, even testing every single shipment of raw products before it is used in the supplements and other products.

Even the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA,  American Academy of Pediatrics (JAAP), the Linus Pauling Institute and the American Cancer Society have all been recommending that we take a multi-vitamin to maintain health.

We are in control of our own health choices and as many people know, we are what we eat.  Unfortunately our foods have been adulterated with chemical fertilizers and herbicides, picked green and sprayed with chemicals to ripen them artificially when they get to the final selling point.  There are thousands of chemicals used on our foods, no wonder we are so sick!  BTW, have you ever paid attention to the potential side-effects of the drugs that are pushed on TV?  Yes, your psoriasis may be gone, but according to the fast-speaking announcer at the end of the commercial, you could be dead! One of the potential side-effects of a depression drug is suicide!  What is wrong with us…don’t we listen at all?

The presentation on Saturday was fascinating, the information was so important that I’ve decided it’s time for me to learn more about nutrition, specifically sports nutrition.  I’m happy to say that I have a mentor, Everett Willis, who has many years of education and experience, and knows all of the Shaklee nutritional products.  It’s going to be fun to re-learn nutrition, a subject that I loved so much it was actually my first choice as a career until life took me in a different direction.

I hope you’ll also enjoy reading all the information about the athletes and how Shaklee helped them “go for the Gold!”

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