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I am SO excited, in fact, excited enough that I’m telling you about my new internet radio program before I even know the link to give you so you can hear it!  Today my show co-host, Leigh Brown, and I are being interviewed by Tony DeMaio from BigMedia USA.  It’s the official first interview for our show, Pain Free Living (I’m sure you’re not surprised with the name of the show <LOL>).  I believe our show will be on the Good Life Channel  or the Health-Wellness Channel on, I’ll let you know as soon as a decision is made.

Leigh is amazing and I’m so happy that she’s my co-host. She is vivacious, knowledgeable, smart, and one heck of a great Pilates instructor (and a lot more than that!).  In fact if you go back to the very beginning of this blog you can read how Leigh was teaching me how to do an exercise program called Red Ropes.  On one of the shows we’ll be talking about Red Ropes, it’s fun and some powerful workout.

I’ve wanted to have a show that would bring interesting people from a lot of different fields in to speak to my audience.  Pain isn’t just physical, although heaven knows there’s plenty of that around. Pain can also come from fear of financial ruin, the emotional pain of a troubled relationship, and even the pain of living an unfulfilled life.  We will be interviewing experts who will address these problems head-on, and eventually we’ll be adding the ability for people to know in advance who we are interviewing so they can email us questions that we can ask our experts.

As of now we plan on inviting an expert every other week and on the opposite weeks we’ll be discussing our fields of expertise: muscle pain, self-treatment, and exercise.

We want the show to be interactive (with your email questions spurring the conversations), fun, and definitely uplifting.

More on this as it unfolds…



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