I’m off to Hertford, NC

Well this is going to be fun!  There is a festival going on in Hertford, NC the weekend of March 17-20th, and I’m going to be there.  I love going to local festivals so when I heard of this one, right where I have several long-time friends, I gave them a call and was invited to visit.

Yesterday Ron, one of my friends, called to say that he was in charge of the vendors and would I want to do chair massage.  At first I thought “I’m going there to be a tourist” and then I decided that I really love what I do and it really does make a difference to a lot of people, so I said “okay.”

I’ll only be doing chair massage on Saturday evening, after the parade, so I won’t be missing any of the festivities.  Meanwhile, if you live anywhere within driving distance to Hertford, NC, come on over and say hello.  In fact, if you have a few days off and want to join in on the fun, that would even be better.  The festival is called the Friends to Freedom Trail and it’s a NC Heritage Wagon Train with a long and wonderful history.

I love the names of the towns the wagon train will be passing through…my favorite is Bagley Swamp. There’s food, camping, sightseeing, live music and dancing.  Just an All-American fun weekend!

If you get there, just look for me, I’ll be somewhere in view of the awards stage, doing chair massage and I’ll be wearing a blue golf shirt with the Julstro gold logo on the front.  It would be great to meet you in person.

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