Happy New Year!

The holidays were fantastic, as always, and I hope your holidays were filled with love, happiness, family & friends, lots of good food, and enough rest to keep you refreshed.  Now that 2014 is here people start to consider diets and exercise to get back to their “best shape ever.”  I know I’m a part of that group, maybe you are too.  If so, please remember to always release the knots before you stretch after your workout.

There are so many wonderful things on the horizon for Julstro, and for me.  So many of them will help my readers that I can hardly wait to share them with you – and as soon as they are in a finished state, I will.

I’d really like this blog to be more interactive, except I don’t know (yet!) how to make that happen.  If you have any thoughts, please let me know.  I love working with the body, and I understand muscles and joints, but this technology piece is still over my head.  Any help or direction is hugely appreciated.

Thanks a lot,

Wishing you well,



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