Alzheimer’s – A Story of Hope


I’m so excited because I’m in Las Vegas at the Shaklee Convention. Today I learned a LOT about sports nutrition and the Olympic athletes that are competing this week. More on that next week, but so far there are five gold medals to Shaklee-sponsored athletes. And today we were introduced to 10 people who lost over 1000(!) pounds using the Cinch weight-loss program. Again, this is such an important topic that it deserves a post of its own so I’ll get back to that soon.

Today I want to tell you about a conversation I had this evening with a woman I met at dinner. Three years ago, at age 53, Diane was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. You can imagine the terror of getting that type of diagnosis! The doctors wanted to give her powerful drugs, but when she did some internet searching on the drugs, she realized that they frightened her almost as much as the disease.

Fortunately her sister was in Shaklee and they discussed the problem. After doing their due-diligence, Diane started on the Prescription for Life: VitalizerCinchNeutriFeron, and Vivix.

Diane told me that it took two months for the “brain-fog” to begin to lift, but even before that happened she could tell that she was feeling better. When I met her this evening, Diane was as mentally as alert and normal as anyone else in the room.

Did she actually have Alzheimer’s? Who knows? That was how the medical community was going to treat her and those were the symptoms she was experiencing, but she was told the only way to prove Alzheimer’s is to do an autopsy after she was dead! The main thing is that Shaklee’s Prescription for Life gave her back her life and prevented a downward spiral that would have had such a serious impact on her life. It makes me wonder how many other people may have been given this terrible diagnosis when the only thing that was actually happening was a nutritional deficiency affecting their cognitive ability.

If you, or someone you love, is getting “foggy,” perhaps you’ll want to explore Shaklee and Prescription for Life.

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