Cholesterol – Is It Really Bad for your Heart?


I’ve been studying for a national massage certification test I need to take by the end of the year and I’m finding that YouTube is a fantastic way to study. While searching for some information I ran across this very interesting video that totally turns upside down everything I’ve ever heard about cholesterol and heart disease. It was so important that I want to share it with you.

In the video the presenter is showing all the medical research that has shown that cholesterol is not the primary cause of heart attacks and that the Heart Association diet is exactly the opposite of what has been proven by multiple medical research projects.

As you know, I absolutely trust Steve Chaney, PhD with any questions about nutrition. He has debunked so many videos/articles/CDs that I’ve received from people, so I sent this to him for his comments. This is what he has to say:

In terms of cholesterol test he is correct in that breaking LDL down into subclasses is more accurate than LDL alone. He’s a bit off-base in downplaying Lp(a). His dietary advice is only partially sound. You want to avoid refined carbs, but still include plenty of fresh fruits & veggies (which are often missing from the low carb diets). He is correct in saying that going from a diet high in saturated fat to one high in refined carbs increases cholesterol, but he is ignoring studies showing that going from diets high in saturated fats to diets high in healthy fats (olive oil and fish oil) lowers cholesterol levels.

The best diets appear to be the Mediterranean diet and the high protein diet (high protein, moderate healthy carbs, moderate healthy fats).

This is important and I know I sure love the Mediterranean food so it’s not a sacrifice for me. I also know that I an so happy that I use Shaklee, I’ve never been so healthy and had so much energy. I never get a cold, and since I plan on living until I’m 120 YO (really!) it’s important to keep my organs in great health. If you want to help your body stay healthy, Shaklee is definitely the way to go!

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