Extensor Carpi Ulnaris or Pain in Upper Side of Your Forearm

The question about the extensor carpi ulnaris came from a woman who knew the Julstro Method worked but wasn’t sure how to apply it to a new problem.

Question from a woman in pain: I developed a new pain over the winter holidays in my right wrist. It hurts on the outer edge when I, palm down, move my hand to the right without moving my wrist (thereby creating an angle with my pinky/edge of hand and my arm). I use that movement a lot when typing and am too lazy to move my whole arm when pressing the delete button. I consulted your book the Pain Free Triathlete and think I should treat it by pressing on my flexor muscle (the one on my right arm closest to my body if I stand with my arms by my side and my palms up), but wanted to check with you to see if that is the right treatment.

You’ve previously helped me treat my knee pains relating to a contracted quad muscle which was amazing!  Can you please advise?

Thank you so much

Answer from Julie Donnelly: I just LOVE it when people can figure out what is happening and then take it one step further.

You’re close, rather than the flexors, which are on the underside of your forearm, the problem is likely coming from a muscle called extensor carpi ulnaris. This means it’s on the upper side of your forearm, straight up from your pinky. The spasm will likely be found about 2″ below the outside bone (not the point) of your elbow joint.

Press down hard and you’ll either find the bump or the pain, then hold it the same way you do with other spasms. If you have a problem going deep enough you may need some assistance. If you go to http://www.carpaltunneltreatment.org and look over that website, you’ll see that I developed an entire System for treating the muscles that have anything to do with your wrist and hand. There is a blue tool I developed, called the Julstro Tool (the names not that creative but it works) that is used to give focused pressure on the trigger points of the arm.

She followed through and found the relief she needed.

For more information on how you can eliminate pain caused by the strained extensor carpi ulnaris and other hand, wrist pain and numbness problems, go to https://julstromethod.com/carpal-tunnel-symptoms-hand-wrist-numbness/ 


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