The Julstro Forum is Back!

Since 2002 I’ve had an active forum on the website. It was a great forum, with people posting messages several times a day, and because of it I got to virtually know so many of my readers.  I loved helping every one of them, and occasionally I’d even get to meet someone in person.

The best part was people would post messages asking “why” they were suffering, and describing the  painful problems they were experiencing. I’d figure it out and tell them what to do, and it would work!  I loved getting messages back from people I never met in person, and probably will never have the opportunity to meet them, yet their life was better because of our online conversations.

Then as sometimes happens on the internet, the forum disappeared!  When it finally came back after months of searching, for some reason I had absolutely no visitors, not for almost a full year!  That was weird when I used to have several every day.  But today I’m happy to say that you can post on the forum again. 🙂


Please come to the forum, even just to say “Hi,” so I’ll know it’s working again.  🙂

If you have a problem, please come back here and post a comment so we’ll know what needs to be fixed.

The URL is

A few important notes about the forum.

1. Please keep your messages short. Tell me where you are hurting, and what movements make it worse.  95% of the time I can figure out what is causing your pain and I’ll be happy to tell you.  BTW, I’m not a doctor so please don’t tell me about various drugs because that isn’t my field of expertise.

I don’t want to limit the number of words, but sometimes people go into so much detail that they are moving from the free forum into a paid consultation.  I’m happy to do the consultations because they go into great detail both on the part of the person in pain, and on my part with the response, but I can’t do them for free as they take up a lot of time.

2. Play nice.  This isn’t a place to advertise something you’re selling.

3. The forum is free, and public, so I can’t give treatment advice on the forum. After telling you what muscles are likely to be causing your problem, and explaining why they are causing pain, I will be telling you which of my books, DVDs, or programs will have the treatments that will help you.

4. My only marketing is by word-of-mouth, so please tell others about the forum, and if my treatments have helped you personally, please tell others about my books, etc.

I’m so looking forward to hearing from people again, it’s been something I’ve been really missing and I’m so glad that the forum is back again.

Wishing you well,


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