Happy 4th of July!

Today in the USA we are celebrating the 4th of July – our Independence Day. People so often overlook the real reason for holidays that it’s good to give a moment to honor the “reason for the season.”

Today I appreciate the men who took great risk to separate our country from England and fought for our freedom — and I celebrate the women who were also active, in a non-combative way, in our liberation, their actions were a vital part of the success of this risky venture. Think how brave they all were, what they did was actually an act of treason! Yet they banded together for a common cause – fighting for ALL of the citizens of our land and not just the few rich landowners or wealthy businessmen. They were all risking death for what we believe in, and to gather us all together as a group people, not living in separate communities but living and governing as united. From their sacrifice we are proud to call ourselves citizens of the United States of America.

We’ll keep today’s message short so you can go out and enjoy the day. Whether you’re having a barbeque, going to the beach, going on a long run or cycling adventure, or any of a thousand fun things to do, please remember to drink a lot of water. Water is vital for muscle functioning and when we are involved in fun activities we may forget to rehydrate.

Have a great day!


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