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Discover the Secret to Knee Pain Relief without Surgery!

Knee pain is a common condition and it is caused by various repetitive activities and many sports activities. These can include, among others, heavy lifting activities, housework, gardening, and sports, including skiing, golf, running, tennis, biking, walking and throwing sports like baseball. The Julstro Method, with its clinically-based self-treatment techniques and tools, effectively relieves these conditions. Using a Julstro Comprehensive Treatment System, knee pain sufferers can quickly treat themselves and return to normal activities and the sports they love.

What Causes Knee Pain and How to Get Relief

Knee pain relief is sought by millions! When your knee hurts it’s common to rub it, but most of the time it doesn’t help. You may try various creams and braces, and still it hurts, so you may think there isn’t anything you can do about it. The reason these various remedies aren’t helpful is because the majority of the time the pain isn’t originating at your knee, you’re only feeling it in your knee.

Julie Donnelly’s work with thousands of athletes, and people who were suffering from chronic pain, has proven that knee pain is a symptom of spasms in other muscles. With two exceptions, the Popliteus and Plantaris muscles, all other knee pain is commonly coming from muscles from your low back to the muscles just above your knee joint.

Occasionally Knee Pain is Caused by Two Small Muscles in Your Knee Joint

The Popiliteus and Plantaris are two small muscles on the back of your knee joint. When you are standing and want to bend your knee to take a step or sit down, your Popliteus needs to contract to bring your thigh bone (Femur) and lower leg bone (Tibia) into a position that enables you to bend your knee. The nickname for the Popliteus is “the key that unlocks the knee.” But if you are sitting for a long period of time the Popliteus has stayed in the contracted position and can shorten due to a phenomenon called muscle memory.

If your Popliteus shortens and you try to straighten your leg the muscle is pulling hard on both ends, causing pain directly behind your knee. It can even prevent you from straightening your leg and you may think you have arthritis in that joint.

The long tendon of your Plantaris muscle inserts into your heel and is a part of posterior knee pain and heel pain. If this muscle is in spasm you will have pain in either or both of these points every time you try to put your foot flat onto the floor. This is one of the reasons people have knee pain when they wake up in the morning.

Fortunately both of these muscles are easy to self-treat with just a little instruction on finding the muscles, and how to best apply pressure to the muscles.

Usually Knee Pain is Caused from Pain Originating Elsewhere

The majority of knee pain actually comes from your thigh muscles, the Quadriceps. These four muscles, called “the quads,” all merge into one common tendon that crosses over your kneecap and inserts into the front of your shin bone. When your quads contract you straighten your leg from the bent position. It’s obvious that when your quads are in spasm (a very frequent problem due to repetitive use) that they will be preventing you from straightening your leg easily. Knee pain relief comes as you release the tension in your quads take the pressure off your knee joint.

One of the four Quadriceps muscles, the Rectus Femoris, is more complicated only because of its interaction with your pelvis and the muscles of your low back.

As your pelvis is rotating because of spasms/contractions in your Psoas, Iliacus, and Quadratus Lumborum muscles, muscles of your hip (Tensor Fascia Lata) will cause tension in your Iliotibial Band (ITB) which will refer pain to your outer knee, and the rotating pelvis will overstretch the muscles of your inner thigh (Adductors) which insert onto the medial knee joint (the inside of your leg).

Finally, your Hamstrings are a group of three muscles in the back of your leg that all originate at the very top of your thigh, and insert into the bones of your lower leg just below your knee joint. When you contract your Hamstrings you bend your knee, but if they are in spasm they will pull on the bottom of your pelvis and cause pain at the very top of your leg, burning pain at the bottom of your butt, and also pain in the inside and outside of your knee joint.

A very important note about your Hamstrings: Never stretch them until you have released all of the muscles from your low back to your knees because they are being overstretched already (this is thoroughly discussed in The 15 Minute Back Pain Solution and Treat Yourself to Pain-Free Living) and stretching them while the pelvis is still rotated can cause them to tear from the bone.

Achieve Knee Pain Relief Without Surgery

After the “Usually Knee Pain is Caused from Pain Originating Elsewhere” section, add subheader: “How to Eliminate Knee Pain”

The muscles of the upper leg are frequently tight because of the muscles in the low back and hips. To eliminate knee pain, it is often helpful to treat those areas first, and then move on to the muscles of the leg.

That’s it! There’s no more waiting for a therapist or doctor’s appointment to relieve the pain. You are your best therapist. With the Julstro™ System, you may never need to spend another dollar on expensive therapy or questionable treatments.

  • Could muscles really be causing your knee pain problems? YES!
  • Is it really possible to have knee pain relief without drugs or surgery? YES!
  • Can you really learn how to do the treatments to yourself? YES!

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What People Are Saying About Julstro’s Wrist Pain Relief Products

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Your website was the only one that helped me. 8 years ago I tore both knee meniscuses because I didn’t stretch before an activity. Now, because of what I learn from the Julstro Method I know what to do when I have a cramp. Thank you!
—Nada Lewis, El Sobrante
I am 99% certain that without Julie’s advice I wouldn’t have made the start line and although I am still having problems with my knee (it was pain free in the race) the treatments are working as it is slowly improving (both whilst running 50 miles a week and since the marathon). I will aim to keep these stretches up whether injured or not and hopefully they will help me keep running into old age.”
—Nigel Sanderson, United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Thank you for the Julstro System. Not only has it helped my carpal tunnel, but the pains in my knees are gone!!! I didn’t even realize I was in constant pain until it disappeared! I’m in karate and it was a mental challenge to push my body into the stances when I knew it would hurt so badly. I usually ‘doped’ up on Vioxx and ibuprophins before a work out. After just five minutes of working on my leg, all the pain disappeared. It took about two weeks for it to stay gone permanently. Mentally, it’s taken about three weeks to get over the fright of the upcoming pain, which never materialized again. I was in constant amazement! I can’t thank you enough! This procedure has eliminated not one, but three impending surgeries for me!!!”
—Alison Benitz
A Physical Therapist

It takes the insight and perseverance of a pioneer to breakthrough traditional methods of standardized treatments and Julie Donnelly B.S., LMT has done just that. Even more, she has broken the ritual of having to return to the clinic again and again by providing an easy way to learn self-help...

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A Physical Therapist’s

A PT uses osteopathic soft tissue techniques to release tight muscles that put a strain on joints and limit range-of- motion. The Julstro Method of Osteopathic Muscular Therapy (JMOMT) is a series of specific treatments for various conditions including: whiplash, rotator cuff injury, low back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome,...

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Pain Relief After

It was incredible to me that I finally found the solution to debilitating low back pain. I had terrible low back pain for a year and was sent to multiple rounds of physical therapy, as well as massage, and various types of stretching, to no avail. The next step was...

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Elite World-Class Athlete

If you’ve ever had an injury that continually resurfaced after seemingly successful rehabilitation, or just one that refused to go away regardless of the various treatments, the “Pain-Free Athlete” book  may very well hold the answers to your mysteries. For nearly a decade I had dedicated hours of my daily...

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Have you ever

you spend years believing in a given “truth,” or even doing something the same way for most of your life? Then “it” happens. It may be an event of some kind. Or someone you meet. It happens by accident. And then a whole new reality is upon you. You are...

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When I was

When I was 20 years old, hip pain caused me to lose my chance to compete at the Olympic Games for the 400m Sprint. That ultimately led to 20 years of pain, and the inability to run at all, which was depressing to say the least. In my mind it...

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Stop Pain FAST!

Welcome to my blog, Stop Pain FAST!  Over the past 22 years I’ve worked with thousands of people who have suffered from chronic pain and sports injuries.  In fact, the whole reason that I teach people how to self-treat is because I had several severe sports injuries and pains that...

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Happy Saturday

I’m visiting friends in Southern Pines, NC, and today there is a cycling race – not a major one (according to Greg) but he’s using it as a training ride. The weather is beautiful, warm enough to go out and enjoy yourself, and cool enough that the cyclists will have...

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Help for a

This morning I was talking to a good friend who is an ultracyclist and I noticed that when he’s just walking around normally he’s still bent forward at the waist. We’ve worked on the muscles that pull him into the aerodynamic position and he’s much better then he was before,...

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The many causes

I meant to tell you yesterday that the same treatments I described to help hip pain will also work to help the pain of sciatica. If you’re suffering from sciatica you know how widespread it can be. You can’t lie flat, and you can’t lie with your legs bent. You...

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Why muscles cause

Recently a woman came in to see me  who was suffering from severe plantar fasciitis pain, her arch hurt so much she could barely walk.  She’d been to several specialists and has so far bought three pair of orthotics (at $400 each!).  Plantar fasciitis is getting to be a commonplace...

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What is repetitive

I travel around the USA teaching Julstro workshops to fitness trainers, athletes, and to anyone who is interested in learning how to stop pain from limiting their lives. One of the many questions I’m constantly asked is “What is Repetitive Strain Injury?” Basically, when a muscle is used over and...

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How to lower

So often a company is hit by high medical costs because their employees do a repetitive motion that will cause their muscles to shorten and put strain on the joints &/or nerves. Employees then end up losing work as they go to doctor appointments, physical therapy, and even surgery. Unfortunately...

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Why it may

Lately I’ve had a lot of people telling me that they hurt more after they stretch than they did before they stretched. It doesn’t sound like this should happen, but it’s actually very logical when you consider what is happening. As you exercise, or do anything that is repetitive, a...

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An easy stretch

I can tell that Spring has arrived because I’m getting more and more questions on my forum about chronic calf pain. This is a major concern for athletes and can stop them in their tracks.  I’ve found that while most people get calf pain from doing something that specifically causes...

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Stiff hip stops

Yesterday I worked with a very fit athlete who had planned on running the NYC Marathon this past November, but was shut out of the race because of stiffness in her right hip. There are so many muscles that move your hip that I’m going to list some of them...

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Helping a novice

I’m getting back into walking again, an injury sidelined me for over a year and it’s been a challenge to get started running again. This morning I went out with a friend and her new running partner. The running partner is a real novice and yesterday she tried to run...

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Answers to questions

I’ve never mentioned that I have a bi-monthly newsletter that has interesting articles about releasing sports injuries and chronic pain issues, diet, exercise, sports psychology, and lots of other great information. Also, have you looked at all of the articles that are posted on There are topics such as...

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Pain in Big

A client came to me suffering from pain in his big toe. The pain was actually on the bone at the base of his toe, which is the first metatarsal, the long bone along the inside of his arch. Normally this problem is caused by tension in the muscle that...

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Texting Causes Thumb

After spending a weekend with my granddaughters, watching them text their every thought, it reminded me of an article I wrote a few years ago titled “Blackberry Thumb. Is This Leading to The Next Generation of Hand/Wrist Problems.” After watching the girls I realized that now, way more then in...

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Tennis player with

A client came into the office today and told me that his thumbs were sore, so much so that he could hardly hold the steering wheel to drive to my office. He’s a tennis player and a few days ago he played right after a heavy rain, so the tennis...

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Trigger Finger Release

Trigger Finger Release – Muscles Need to Be Treated: Trigger finger release techniques are simple to do when you learn just a few focused points in your forearm.  The debilitating effects of trigger finger are caused by the flexor muscles that move your fingers down (so you can tap on...

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Forums that help

I’ve been moderating a forum on my websites for many years, and also I’m the Repetitive Strain Injury expert on for about 8 years. All of the threads on the different forums are about everything from headaches, whiplash, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, to low back pain, sciatica, knee pain, shinsplints,...

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Calf Cramp Remedy

Stretching is NOT a Good Calf Cramp Remedy! One thing that I’ve seen repeatedly over the years is that when a person gets a sudden Charlie horse, or violent calf cramp in his/her calf, the first remedy they try to do is stretch. This is the exact opposite thing of...

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Pain in Big

by Julie Donnelly – The Pain Relief Expert I moderate several online forums and today a runner posted a message about pain in his big toe joint. He only feels the pain when he curls his toes down. He had been to the foot doctor, who couldn’t understand why it only hurt...

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You can’t buy

This morning I was watching my grandson’s soccer game and I ended up helping one of the parents who had a serious headache that ended up being the result of tight muscles pulling his cervical vertebrae out of alignment. He was amazed when I started to tell him about the...

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Low Back Pain

Today I received an email from a woman named Laree Draper. Several weeks ago I heard fromLaree, telling me that she had read one of my articles and wanted permission to put it into her blog. After looking at her blog to make sure I would be happy to have...

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Pain in Posterior

Pain in the posterior knee was a topic today while I was answering my forum.  As I was answering the post, I realized that most people don’t understand how muscle memory will cause a muscle to stay contracted even when we want to stretch it, so I want to explain it...

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How the mind

Today I spoke to a woman who was having a strange feeling in her body — not pain, and not in her organs, but a feeling she couldn’t explain in her buttocks, like she was sitting on a rolled up towel. She had all of the tests that the doctors...

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Bone Bruise Causes

A bone bruise is ugly…it takes (what seems like) FOREVER to heal!  I used to run a lot and, thanks to knowing how to self-treat, I never really had any problems.  Oh, I definitely did get repetitive strain injuries, but I would treat the muscles immediately and it would quickly...

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Finger Pain

I was talking to a man today and he was telling me that he’s had pain in the tip of his finger for years. He’s seen doctors who tell him nothing is wrong, he’s had x-rays and nothing showed up there, and he was starting to think he was crazy....

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Young Athlete with

Several of my grandchildren are serious athletes, even though they are still young teenagers. Soccer, the sport that my grandson Martin plays, is especially hard on young bodies. Now, I know I won’t change the entire training program for soccer, although I sure wish I knew someone who had that...

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Massage in Chapel

Several months ago I decided to move from Texas to Chapel Hill, NC, and I’ve finally gotten here. Yesterday I arrived and I’ve found the perfect place to live…surrounded by trees so the temperature is pleasant, and the sounds of the birds are all that I hear. Plus, I’m only...

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Heal Yourself from

I heard a wonderful speaker on Sunday and she gave me the idea for today’s message. So many of us are always watching out for others, helping them, doing for them, yet we ignore our own health needs and body. However, if we aren’t well and strong, we can’t be...

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Relief for pain

This weekend I was at a convention for massage therapists. It was held in a college in KY, and everyone stayed at the college. It’s a wonderful college that gives scholarships to the children of the mountains who otherwise wouldn’t be able to go to college, so money is very...

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Pilates – An

Today I took my first Pilates class. Alexandra, the instructor, is a totally toned woman with abs that are washboard flat. I, on the other hand, have realized that my abdominal muscles are someplace between a marshmallow and putty. Something that needs to be changed immediately! Now, I knew I...

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Cyclist with hip

I’ve had several cyclists posting on my forum lately, and the theme seems to be a lot of knee and hip pains. If you’ve already read the thread I put into my forum about the iliopsoas, quadratus lumborum, and quadriceps muscles, you’ll understand how cycling can cause a long list of...

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Exercise – Beginner

Well, as I admitted in my message that talked about Pilates, I’m a beginner. In fact, I’ve been a “faux athlete” for many years. I was always blessed with a strong looking body (note the keyword “looking”) and I really hate to sweat, so exercise and I haven’t always been...

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Exercising with Red

I’ve found another amazing exercise program. It’s a form of Pilates, but it’s called RedCords. You use cords to assist you to do the Pilates movements and you get a smoother movement, supported with a type of sling. It’s really confusing to try to describe but I really liked it...

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Watch Your Water

Here in North Carolina the summer is in full swing, although it sure isn’t as hot as it was when I was down in Houston, TX. Still, I see so many people out running that I wanted to write a bit about dehydration. About 75-80% of your body weight is...

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Exercise using RedCords

As you know, I’ve made a determination that I WILL get my body back into shape, and I’ll lose that excess weight. So, with that in mind I’ve been doing all kinds of wonderful exercises and doing my very best to avoid the Coldstone ice cream store that is here...

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Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Carpal tunnel syndrome is so common lately that everyone knows someone who has suffered from the searing wrist pain and numbness that are the common symptoms of the median nerve being impinged within the carpal tunnel. However, too many people don’t realize that these symptoms can come from areas that...

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Trigger Points –

I’ve been in communication with a wonderful doctor in New Zealand. Dr.Jonathan Kuttner has been a medical doctor for many years and then found trigger points and how they are a key factor in the vast majority of medical problems that focus on joint pain. He then began a study on the...

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Chapel Hill, my

I’ve lived in a lot of places around the USA, and while I haven’t been in Chapel Hill very long I can tell that this is very likely going to be my favorite home. I love the town, it’s quaint, yet vibrant. I’m sure that comes from the people who...

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Vitamin D –

I received a newsletter from a wonderful triathlete coach who used to live in the USA, in Georgia, and is now in Australia (how’s that for starting a new life!). Jake Brindle has such an informative newsletter that I want to share it with you. As I was reading it I found...

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Sport Massage in

I’m finally getting really settled here in Chapel Hill. This past weekend I had a wonderful experience when I went to the Farmer’s Market in Saxapahaw (just outside of Chapel Hill) to do some chair massage to benefit their Community Chest fund so they can build a park near the...

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Tinnitus Causes, Dizziness,

Tinnitus Causes and Treatment I am the moderator for three different forums on the internet and I have received so many messages that give these symptoms, that I wanted to bring the muscular tinnitus causes and treatment to the attention of the readers of this blog. There are neurological causes...

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Whiplash – When

After posting the message about the SCM yesterday, I received an email from someone who had whiplash. My customer support manager put the posting on my forum, but I also wanted to put some information here for the readers of this blog. When you have whiplash your head is jerked...

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A Reminder About

I just worked with a man who was doing everything right….almost. A few reminders that will help you do the Julstro self-treatments a bit better are: 1. A tennis ball works, but it will quickly soften. Since a tennis ball is hollow in the middle, when it gets soft it...

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Keep Trying Harder

I started a new little book that I picked up recently, the title is You² and it’s how to make more of yourself (You-Squared) by Price Pritchett. It’s simple reading and the first page pretty much says it all, so I wanted to share it with you because pain isn’t always muscular,...

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