Ankle Pain Relief

I’ve spoken about my broken ankle and how treating the muscles of the lower leg enabled me to get full range-of-motion back even after being in a cast for 3 weeks. That was great until my body started to reject the screws and was forcing them out of the bone. A few weeks ago I had the plates and screws removed, and my ankle, foot, and toes were on fire! I actually had been told by the surgeon that the nerve had been stretched during surgery, and he said that the nerve was directly under the incision point so I was afraid that either it had been injured or that scar tissue had grown around it. It was horrible and I was afraid it was going to be a lifelong problem, until this past week I was really surprised when I saw how muscles were causing pain that I was blaming on injured nerves.

My foot was on burning like a really bad sunburn, and to make it worse my entire leg was aching. I had spasms in my quads, hamstrings, and all of the muscles of my lower leg.  I started doing the Julstro Protocol, and that helped my hamstrings, but it wasn’t until I started to work on my lower leg that I was shocked at the pain referral.  I’d press on the tibialis anterior (to the outside of my shinbone on the front of my leg) and it would shoot down to the top of my foot.  Sometimes it was so painful that I could only hold it for a few seconds before I needed to take a break.  It took me over an hour to work on all of the muscles of my lower leg, and to my surprise when I was finished my ankle and foot felt 80% better.  I never thought that the nerve to the top of my foot was being impinged by the muscles.

It’s interesting that my foot still isn’t 100% healed, but it’s improving every day – and I’m treating the muscles almost every day.  I guess this teaches us to always take a look at the muscles to see if they are involved, even if we believe they don’t have anything to do with the pain we’re experiencing.

Wishing you well,


I found the Julstro Method through the website and the Julstro System for Hand/Wrist Pain. It helped me treat my own trigger point pain. I’ve been treating myself for 8 years now, and remain mostly pain-free. I no longer have sciatica pain, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, migraines, or upper back pain. I continue to treat trigger points daily to stay ahead of the pain. I am now teaching people in chronic pain how to treat their own trigger points, and the results have been wonderful.
Ellen Goldammer
St. Paul, MN