Track and Field injuries

Today I had the pleasure of working with some amazing Track and Field athletes, some of them have already been to the Olympics, some are training to go to the Olympic trials, and many of them are training to go to the World Games in Korea.  It was incredible for me to be helping them gain flexibility, and therefore more power, so they could continue to develop their strength and speed. The gym is small by some standards, but is huge if you look at the quality of the training offered to its members

My clinic was about treating the muscles of their lower leg, including each of the muscles that cause foot pain and plantar fasciitis. After the clinic I began working with many of the athletes and each of them complained about stiffness, pain, and a feeling that their hips wouldn’t move smoothly and their ITB and hamstrings were tight.

I’ll be teaching them a clinic about  all of the muscles from their last rib to their knees, but for today I worked on their iliacus, quadriceps, hip flexors, quadratus lumborum and hamstrings. I’m going to be going to the gym every Tuesday and Thursday from 11AM until 9PM (working on newsletters, blogs, and other internet projects when I’m not doing muscular therapy for the athletes).

If you are a runner, or a Track and Field athlete, be sure to find a good trigger point massage therapist, and also learn about repetitive strain injuries and how to do the Julstro self-treatments so you can release the knots in your muscle fibers every day after they have been trained and repetitively strained.  You’ll definitely benefit by daily treatments, and your race results will be the proof of your efforts.


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