Running Again!

Well, as I mentioned, Stacey Richardson convinced me to begin my training for a sprint triathlon in May. I haven’t run in at least 5 years after having an injury that took a year to heal.  Some parts of me are really excited….and other parts of me are saying “…have you gone nuts completely!!”

I know that swimming is going to be my biggest challenge. Being a girl from NY City, swimming wasn’t a major part of my growing up, but Stacey claims that she’s going to be able to teach me. We’ll see 🙂   Stacey said that I don’t have to “swim pretty” in May, I just need to be able to get back and forth until I cover 250m without touching the bottom of the pool.  Doggie paddle, here I come!

Now, having said all of that, Nick Krouse from Fleet Feet in Carrboro, NC, has become my new running partner.  Actually, Nick is an excellent runner but he has offered to train me every Monday afternoon. Two weeks ago the three-mile walk/run was 1/2 mile run and 3 1/2 mile walk. Last night it was more like 1 mile run and 2 miles walk, so I’m improving.  If Nick hadn’t been there it would have been 1/4 mile run and then drive home   Thanks Nick!

My calves were hurting so much that I was really thrilled that I know how to self-treat, in fact, we had to stop after about 2 miles so I could work on them for a few minutes before I could continue.  How people who don’t self-treat ever make it to major events like Ironman or Century Runs?!?

I’m hoping we soon find the other 9 ladies for Stacey’s Never too Late to Tri” group, training will be more fun with a group.  If you are local and you know someone who would like to join us, please let me know.

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