Relaxing into a Perfect Body

Several years ago I had a client who was suffering from IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The condition had weakened her to the point where she weighed about 75 lbs and couldn’t hold any food in her system at all. The massages she received were to calm her down and help her to relax. During that time I began to talk her through a total relaxation, including her nervous and intestinal systems. And eventually I made a homemade cassette tape so she could play it when I wasn’t there.

Her father had a serious heart condition and he kept taking her tape so he could relax…and an argument would begin because she wouldn’t have the tape when she felt she needed to relax. So, I made a new tape and included the heart in it….and I made two copies, one for her and one for her dad.

Then her aunt arrived to visit and took one of the tapes because it helped her with her stomach and ulcer problems…and again an argument began because each claimed that the aunt took the other ones tape. So, I again made a new tape, focusing on the nervous system, intestines, heart AND stomach, and I made extra copies so they could send them to whoever they wanted to help out.

I gave a copy of it to my friend who had a grandson who was hyper-kinetic (overactive) and she would play it for him when he would get so wired that he couldn’t rest. It got to a point where he would run into the house and say “quick Nana, put on Julie’s tape!” It worked perfectly! I was so happy that I could help him.

Finally, I was telling a client about the funny unfolding of this tape and he suggested I do it professionally. I said I didn’t know how to do that, and he said “that’s what I do for a living.” Next thing you know, I’m in a sound booth making a professional tape. This time I included every organ that can cause serious problems, starting at the brain and moving down the whole internal body. It turned out really super and has helped a lot of people around the world. I named the tape “Mental Massage – Relaxing Into a Perfect Body.”

I’ve just converted that tape into an MP3 and my webmaster put a 5 minute sample of the tape onto my Home Page (move down, it’s on the bottom left hand side). I hope you’ll take a few minutes to listen, and to relax.

Nerves can tie you up in knots, send negative messages to all the points in your body and prevent proper blood flow to your organs. Spending just 30 minutes in the evening, before you go to sleep, to release the tension in your body will enable you to rest better. And, taking just a few minutes during the day to quickly release the tension in your body will help you in more ways than I can explain.

If you’d like to untie the knots in your body and learn an easy and relaxed way to quickly release tension during your busy day, I’m offering it on my website for only $9.97.

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