College Athletes and Sports Injuries

I was speaking to a parent of a college athlete today and he was telling me that his son, who is on a Track and Field scholarship, has been having some serious calf, ankle and foot pain for over a year. Since his college education is dependent on receiving the scholarship, he continues to practice and compete even though it’s getting worse and worse. He’s been to the team trainer and the physical therapist and it’s still getting worse.

He’s coming in to see me this week, but from the sounds of it I expect to find severe spasms and contractions in all of the muscles of his lower leg.

If you are an athlete, or know a high school senior or college athlete, please give my website information to him/her so you can read about repetitive strain injuries, and also look at the sections that are titled “Muscles and Pain” and “What’s Happening Exactly.” Sports injuries can become lifetime pain if they aren’t released quickly, and it’s so easy to self-treat.

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