Chronic Calf Pain Resolved

Today I received such a wonderful testimonial through my website that I was excited to share it with you even before it made it onto the website. THIS is the reason I love what I do!

I just wanted to thank you for the techniques taught in your
books, The Pain free Runner and Pain Free Living. I have had chronic calf spasms from running for over 5 years. I went from doing Ironman triathlons to no being able to run 1/2 mile without my calf cramping. Using the treatments taught in the books, I am now up to 8 miles. I’m still running slower than usual, but I have been steadily progressing.

I have very few knots anymore, and have increased my illiopsoas flexibility significantly. I think that has been the key. I sit much of the day for work, in the car or behind a computer, which I think made me get steadily tighter over the years. I did not know that you could have pressure on a nerve, without other symptoms, other than the sudden cramps.

I’m hoping to get back to racing at some point, but right now it feels great to be able to run again. Thanks again for your great treatment techniques and strategies.

By the way, I had seen 2 sports medicine physicians, 2 chiropractors specializing in active release therapy, and consulted with multiple physical therapists over the years, and I am a physical therapist. But none of us could figure it out. Thanks again, John Jones

This has happened over and over through the years, and I’m so excited that I know YOU can self-treat successfully, if you’re in pain, I hope you’ll try!

Wishing you well,


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