Relief for pain

This weekend I was at a convention for massage therapists. It was held in a college in KY, and everyone stayed at the college.

It’s a wonderful college that gives scholarships to the children of the mountains who otherwise wouldn’t be able to go to college, so money is very tight and they rely on donations a lot. If I ever get the chance to be a philanthropist I’m going to buy this college all new beds — the mattresses were horrible!

So, I woke up with knife pains in my hip and low back and I didn’t have time to do the self treatments, so I was in agony and couldn’t wait to get to the exhibit area where I could work on myself (massage conventions are amazing opportunities to try a lot of different modalities, and in my case, to have a place where I can do my self-treatments).

Across from my booth was a company selling a cream that is from ancient Chinese formulas, and is made with the purest of herbs and other natural ingredients. I rubbed it on my hip and I was shocked to see how quickly the pain disappeared. I made arrangements to become a distributor so I could put it onto my website and sell it on my shopping cart. I want to share this creme with everyone who is in pain.

It may take a few days for it to get onto the site, but I’ll let you know when it’s there.

Have a great day!


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