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I’ve been moderating a forum on my websites for many years, and also I’m the Repetitive Strain Injury expert on for about 8 years.

All of the threads on the different forums are about everything from headaches, whiplash, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, to low back pain, sciatica, knee pain, shinsplints, plantar fasciitis, and any other ache or pain that you can imagine. In fact, I wish I could just go onto the forums, copy the messages and just make a book out of it, I think I’ve covered the entire body 10,000 times or more!

Right now the forums are still free, although I don’t know how much longer that will be the case as time eats away my availability to spend the hours on the sites that are necessary to keep up with everyone.

Meanwhile, I suggest you take a look, you may find your answer there, and you can also post a message if you’d like.

Visit them by going to &/or You’ll see that some are archives and are “read only” and others are active. Both are good reading.

I’ll look forward to meeting you there, and I’m really looking forward to people starting to post here!

Wishing you well,


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