Chapel Hill, my new home

I’ve lived in a lot of places around the USA, and while I haven’t been in Chapel Hill very long I can tell that this is very likely going to be my favorite home. I love the town, it’s quaint, yet vibrant. I’m sure that comes from the people who attend or work at UNC Chapel Hill which is right in the center of town, and from nearby Duke University, North Carolina State, and Duke Medical Center. There seems to be a mix of college town and upscale entertainment (such as a ballet company, performing arts group, and “artsy” theaters), all wrapped up in a lovely southern town.

I’ve only met a few people, some who will probably be friends forever, and some who will add flavor to my daily life yet come and go as is the case in everyone’s life, and I’m looking forward to becoming settled and having an active practice and an equally active social life.

Already I can see how exercise is working its way into being a core of my life here in Chapel Hill, and isn’t that wonderful! There are so many athletes here, I may not become an avid athlete, but I’m sure I’ll meet many of them either at sporting events where I’ll be doing hands-on therapy, or at one of the Pain Free Athlete clinics I’ll be teaching every month (more on that another time), or when they come for sports massage at my therapy practice, Julstro Muscular Therapy Center.

I’m working on my website now ( and plan on having it finished today, although I can already see that it will continue to grow as I add a calendar of events, an appointment calendar, photographs, and links to websites such as Leigh’s (of RedCord fame!), and Greg’s amazing website for cyclists. From my new website you’ll be able to quickly go to my forums, my other websites (about carpal tunnel syndrome, and about repetitive strain injuries that cause pain throughout your body), and even the website that discusses how I can help your company lower medical costs by eliminating repetitive strain injuries from the mix.

It’s the Fourth of July holiday weekend, and today I’m answering my forums before I go out to enjoy the gorgeous weather. This afternoon I’m doing chair massage at the Farmer’s Market in Saxapahaw. I’m doing it as a fund raiser for a new park in Saxapahaw, a sweet little town that is about 20 minutes outside of Chapel Hill, and is where Leigh teaches RedCords. If you’re in this area, I hope you’ll come and say hello. Then on Sunday I’m going to a BBQ in the afternoon and then the fireworks that are being held at UNC – I can hardly wait!

I hope you go out and have a fun weekend,


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