Improving Your Golf Swing (Part 2) – Lower Your Golf Score

Improving Your Golf Swing (Part 2) explains steps you can take to improve your game.  I found this article very informative, but like many other articles, it misses an important part – eliminating the tension in your muscles that can prevent you from having a powerful swing.  I’ll talk about that key piece at the end of the article.  Now, on to the article…

The most important thing about the golf swing is the angle, not the strength that is applied to it, that’s one of many swing secrets. Ideally putts and short chips are played without much movement of the body, but almost all other golf shots are played using variants of the full golf swing.

Consistent workouts will change your golf game forever. Turn to golf exercise and techniques if you want to gain more strength and power. (Note from Julie:  As I mentioned above, to gain even more strength and power it is important to release all the “knots” (spasms) in your muscle fibers and then stretch. If the muscles are in spasm you will lose flexibility, and the shortened muscle fibers will lose the ability to have a truly powerful contraction which is necessary for strength movements)

To prevent injury and improve your swing speed and distance requires your body to be strong and flexible. Most golfers don’t know there are techniques that will greatly affect swing mechanics; you can get an edge by changing your approach.

Overall, investing in golf swing trainers will greatly improve your swing and your game. There are a wide range of golf swing aids and analyzers on the market today to help the beginning and advanced golfers improve swing techniques. Keep in mind that with some golf swing trainers, you will probably still need help from an expert.

Sporting goods stores also carry golf swing trainers and aids to improve your game. There are golf swing trainers that will help you with your swing alignment. There are lots of good golf swing aids on the market today.

Before buying any aid or trainer for your swing, check with a pro to get an idea of what problem you need to work on first; for example, backlift of golf swing, momentum of downward thrust or stance. Golf swing trainers and aids can often be found online and are often discounted or much cheaper. Be cautious about any claims in TV commercials and magazine ads; seek expert advice before you buy because the claims may not be reasonable.

If you apply combined mental and physical workouts, your reward will be super, proper, perfect golf swing improvement.

Try to concentrate on one of the weaknesses in your swing at a time. Make sure to find and use good golf swing trainers to help improve your game. And you’re sure to achieve a perfect, super, proper golf swing every time.

Note from Julie:

I learned a lot from this article and I hope you took some gems of information from it too.  The missing piece was talking about freeing the muscle fibers of the spasms that diminish flexibility, power, and strength. The two books I recommend are

The Secret to Your Best Golf Game EVER! and Treat Yourself to Pain-Free Living.  

You CAN eliminate the tightness in your muscles that is caused by the repetitive nature of playing golf! This will not only increase your flexibility, strength and power, but will enable you to enjoy the game without the nagging aches and pains that are commonly experienced by golfers.

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