Hip Joint Pain Relief

How to Relieve Hip Pain and Regain Your Range-of-Motion without Surgery!

Hip pain is a common pain condition and it is caused by various repetitive activities and many sports activities. These can include, among others, lifting activities, housework, extended sitting, gardening, and sports, including skiing, golf, running, tennis, biking, and walking. The Julstro Method, with its clinically-based self-treatment techniques and tools, effectively relieves these conditions. Using a Julstro Comprehensive Treatment System, hip pain sufferers can quickly treat themselves and return to normal activities and the sports they love.

  • Could muscles really be causing your hip pain problems? YES!
  • Can you really learn how to do the treatments to yourself? YES!

What Causes Hip Pain and Loss of Motion

The hip is second only to the shoulder for the number of muscles that insert into the joint. It is because of all these muscles that we have such a wide range-of-motion with our leg. However, when the muscles begin to spasm and get tied into knots due to repetitive strain, you may gradually lose that range-of-motion and become locked into a girdle of pain.

Many of the muscles that cause hip pain are actually muscles of the back and the thigh, complicating the process of finding the cause of the pain and dysfunction.  The good news is the trail can be followed logically and treated one muscle at a time, beginning with the thigh muscle (Rectus Femoris) and then moving to the two back muscles (Iliopsoas and Quadratus Lumborum).

The Reason These Muscles Cause Hip Pain

  • The Iliopsoas and Rectus Femoris work together to rotate your pelvis forward and down, causing all of your hip muscles to torque and go into spasm.
  • Then the Quadratus Lumborum (QL for short)  needs to shorten because your pelvis has gone down in the front and up in the back, making the QL too long to do the job of picking up your hip so you can take a step.
  • At this point your pelvis is totally tilted and all of the muscles of your hip are being twisted.  It’s easy to self-treat all of your hip muscles, but it’s useless unless you first release the tension on your pelvis as your hip muscles will simply shorten again as soon as you go to move.

Once you have released the spasms in the three muscles mentioned above, then it’s time to look at the spasms in your hip muscles, specifically:

Tensor Fascia Lata

Your Tensor Fascia Lata (TFL) is right on the very outside of your hip. This small muscle merges into the long Iliotibial Band (ITB) that inserts into the outside of your knee, stabilizing your knee with each step you take.  In the same area are your Gluteus Minimus and Gluteus Medius muscles, so treating your TFL will not only quickly reduce hip pain, it will also take the stress off your knee joint.

Gluteus Maximus Muscle

The Gluteus Maximus muscle is a powerful muscle that draws your leg back. Because of its connection to the top of your thigh bone (femur) when it is tight it will pull on the bone and cause hip pain, especially when you try to bring your leg forward.


Your Piriformis muscle is one of a group of six muscles that collectively are called “The Six Deep Lateral Rotators” because of their action in turning your leg out. Charlie Chaplin’s famous walk is an example of an extreme lateral rotators contraction.  Since the muscle draws your leg and foot outward, anything that causes your leg to rotate in so your feet are pointing straight ahead, will cause you hip pain.

The other thing a tight Piriformis muscle will do is press down on your sciatic nerve, causing sciatica. Sciatica is a severe hip pain that hurts regardless of what you do. Yet, releasing the muscles mentioned above, and then releasing the tension in your piriformis muscle will stop the pain of sciatica quickly.

Relieve Hip Joint Pain with the Julstro System!

The Julstro™ System shows you how to self-treat your hip pain by releasing spasms and lengthening muscle fibers.

Your hip is frequently affected by tension in the muscles of the low back, so treating those muscles first may eliminate your hip pain. For treatments on the muscles connected to the hip, it is helpful to use a ball to target the deep tissue.

That’s it! There’s no more waiting for a therapist or doctor’s appointment to relieve the pain. You are your best therapist. With the Julstro™ System, you may never need to spend another dollar on expensive therapy or questionable treatments.

Julie Donnelly has worked in her office, and virtually on the internet, with many people who were scheduled for hip surgery, and just releasing the tension in these muscles prevented the surgery. It’s worth your time and energy to explore the muscles before surgery, you have nothing to lose but the pain!

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What People Are Saying About Julstro’s Hip Joint Pain Method

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I am amazed at how your session has yielded ongoing resolution with a few maintenance tweaks— I guess the iliacus had never gotten resolved before, and now I am back at exercising! I went to three physical therapists and none of them helped me in the way I truly needed – none, though they were marvelous people who cared tremendously! However, the thing you offered me was a new understanding of, really, the master picture and what went wrong; along of course with the solution that you put within my grasp!

Joan Slaughter

I sustained a hip injury while running. I saw two sports med physicians, had 2 MRI’s, took steroids and NSAID’s, and completed 2 rounds of physical therapy — all to no avail. I bought the Julstro Method system, and within 2 weeks, the persistent hip pain of the previous 1 1/2 years had completely resolved. I am truly grateful.

—Elaine Spirakes


I found the Julstro Method through the website and the Julstro System for Hand/Wrist Pain. It helped me treat my own trigger point pain. I no longer have sciatica pain and the symptoms of carpal tunnel. The results have been wonderful.

—Ellen Goldammer

St. Paul, MN

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