Elbow Pain Relief

Find Out What Causes Elbow Joint Pain and How To Achieve Elbow Pain Relief!

Elbow Pain Relief Made Easy

Fortunately, the treatments to eliminate elbow joint pain are easy. Frequently, just applying pressure and stretching will solve the problem. The key is to make sure you’re targeting the correct muscle and doing safe, effective stretches.

The Julstro™ System teaches you how to self-treat your elbow pain by releasing spasms and lengthening muscle fibers. Using quick, simple treatments, you can relieve the symptoms of elbow joint pain, golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow—and prevent their return.

That’s it! There’s no more waiting for a therapist or doctor’s appointment to relieve the pain. You are your best therapist. With the Julstro™ System, you may never need to spend another dollar on expensive therapy or questionable treatments.

  • Could muscles really be causing your elbow joint pain problems? YES!
  • Can you really learn how to do the treatments to yourself? YES!

Golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, briefcase elbow, ulnar neuropathy… the list of names for this simple problem goes on and on. In each case the problem is either being caused by or complicated by the Triceps muscle that runs down the back of your arm, or to a lesser degree, the Biceps muscle that is on the front of your upper arm.

Elbow Pain Source #1: The Triceps

The Triceps have three heads, thus the name “triceps.” They are located at the back of the upper arm and originate on the posterior/top of the bone and also on the outer portion of the shoulder blade. Their common insertion point is just below the point of the elbow. When the triceps muscle contracts, you open your arm from the bent position.

Since they insert just under the point of your elbow, if your arm is bent the triceps muscle is stretching as long as it can go, and when it contracts your arm straightens out. When the triceps muscle is in a knot, you have pain in your elbow and you may be told you have either tennis elbow or tendonitis.

Elbow Pain Source #2: The Biceps

The Biceps muscle originates on the front of your shoulder and inserts into the inside of your elbow, just below the crease line. When your biceps contract you touch your shoulder, but if they are in spasm when you try to straighten your arm they will tug on the bone and cause pain on the inside of your elbow.

When your muscles are shortened from a spasm (also called a knot, or trigger point) you will lose power. In order to have your full strength you need to have the muscle at its longest length so it has pulling power.

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After 29 years of physical and mental pain, I am pain free. It is a miracle. It started after I used the Julstro Method. The absence of pain and the freedom of movement is difficult to describe. I am playing my instrument more and more and am working out again. You now have a friend for life and an advocate for your method.
Scott Cain