USA Master’s Track and Field Winner

Hi Everyone,

I received a most wonderful phone call on Thursday from a man named Allen Woodard.

Back in February I was only just returning to NC after mending from a severely broken ankle that had me on my daughter’s sofa for almost three months. When I came in to Athletic Lab for the first time in months, I met a man who was suffering from chronic hamstring strains that had ended his running career over 20 years ago. Allen had decided that he was going back to running even if he was still in pain and his chances for the Olympics were long-since gone.

We spoke about how hamstring pain/strain isn’t necessarily coming from the hamstrings, but is more likely coming from the iliopsoas and quadriceps, both of which are on the front of your body. I had Allen lie down on the gym floor and I checked out the two muscles and sure enough, they were both tight. So I taught him how to do the self-treatments, he said “thanks” and then he left. That happens so much in my world that I didn’t think of it again until Thursday, when Allen called me.

Our phone conversation lasted for a half-hour, and I ended up crying because it’s so fulfilling to me when I hear that my work has made a major change in a person’s life. Yesterday I sent him an email to thank him for calling me, so many people don’t come back and tell me how their life has improved, and I’m so grateful that Allen thought to call. To explain, and to make this blog a little shorter, I’m going to include a short email that Allen sent me today in response to my thank you email:

You are so welcome. I have to give credit, where credit is due. Like I said before, the techniques I learned from you made this year’s accomplishments possible and I’m so grateful for that. I thank God for leading to the athletic lab where we first met. I mean, this is so amazing. Just think, I wasn’t able to compete in over 20 years and now in my first year back, I’m rank # 4 in the world in both the 200 and 400 meters. Wow! I feel every athlete should be taught these methods…

Allen explained to me how to go to the USA Master’s Track & Field Rankings page to find his name on the list. To make it easier for you, click here and you’ll go right to his listing.

It’s exciting because if Allen could come back this far this fast, I can only imagine where he’ll go in the next few years. And in any case, he’s thrilled to be back competing again after a 20 year gap.

Go Allen!

Wishing you well,


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